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Colony Newspaper
 #7054  by Weyland

This is an idea I had for the project dating back to 2014. Long story short, let's just say it took a while to come back to.

Colony journalist('s) will feature stories from colonists, colonies, in-game business', and news bits from happenings across our servers.

Vintage newspaper style publication viewed via Comic Book Reader (CBR). CBR's are totally free, easy, as well as safe to use. I'll provide a link below to the one I'm using now. Mac/PC/Linux/iOS, Etc.

Now that the template is done (which is the hardest part), I'm looking to make this a bi-weekly publication. If you have an idea's for any content, my door is always open.

CBR Reader
I'm currently using YACReader which can be found here:
I'm not sure if this is the absolute best, but it's easy to use and looks really nice.

PC Viewing
After you open the CBR file it'll natively be in the Single Page Layout. I would recommend hitting the Dual Page Layout by clicking the button in the Toolbar I highlighted in Purple.

Next, I would suggest hitting the button I highlighted in Green to make it full screen. These are high-res images and the font-type might appear too small natively. Once you click the button and increase the slider to fit your screen, you'll be able to view every little bit as intended.

Tablet Viewing
I haven't viewed this on my iPad yet so you'll be breaking new ground. Probably in Single Page Layout. I'm curious if Dual Page Layout will look good on a tablet. Keep me posted!

Issue No. 1
[LINK]The Colonial Times Issue No.1

The events, characters, and firms depicted in the publication are ficticious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual firms, is purely coincidental.