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Weyland wrote: Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:31 pm Image
DayZ Colony has teamed up with NordVPN to bring you a safe haven for your gaming experience. I know many of you are thinking that you're probably gaming safely already which is probably not the case even if you're already using a VPN.

Click HERE to JOIN NordVPN

Why would I want to use a VPN?
When you're PC Gaming, if you join any hosted server your IP address is available and can be compromised. If you join a TeamSpeak server, your IP is compromised. We're living in the digital age and staying protected is paramount. Running DayZ Colony and having a strict no hacking/cheating/exploiting policy, I've had my share of disgruntled dust-ups. I mistakingly clicked a link someone sent me on Discord via DM which turned out to be a malicious link to get my IP. I scrambled to shut my machine off and call my ISP to release my IP for a new one. It was a very unsettling experience and took almost two hours. Definitely something I don't want to go through again.

When your Console Gaming, a lot of people are using 3rd party applications like Cain and Abel or Wireshark. Network packet sniffing, cracking various password hashes by using methods such as dictionary attacks, brute force and cryptanalysis attacks can all be done using these type of applications. If you're using a run-of-the-mill router that doesn't have OpenVPN with NordVPN running, you're open for attack.

This happened to me recently and I found out that this is much more commonplace than I previously thought. I met someone playing Call of Duty WWII on Xbox One who was a really good player. He seemed like a nice enough guy and we hit it off. After a few weeks he told me he was sniffing my packets for over two weeks and asked me why I wasn't using a VPN. I said I was, but it dawned on me that I was only using it for my two computers and NOT my console! Needless to say I made some very drastic changes to keep my information PRIVATE.

Why NordVPN?
I did quite a bit of research on VPN's and there are key differences in features one should be aware of when shopping around.
  • • Offshore
    • Killswitch
    • OpenVPN
    • Support
    • Logs
Data retention is a very big issue. Being based in Panama, NordVPN falls under the country’s jurisdiction and Panama has no data retention laws.

When using a VPN sometimes you'll lose connection to the VPN without even knowing it, leaving your IP hanging in the wind. Having a Killswitch prevents such problems from ever happening.

For Console Gaming based solutions you will need a compatible OpenVPN router. There are companies that sell flashed routers but for a very high premium. You can buy that same router for half the price. If you have the ability to read and follow directions, you can flash a compatible router yourself to take advantage of OpenVPN so your Console Gaming experience is completely protected. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

This is a big one here folks. NordVPN offers multiple ways to contact 24/7 customer support (live chat, email, ticket system). I personally don't like tickets and prefer live chat and let me tell you, NordVPN Chat Support continiously goes above and beyond the call of duty. Your time in queue is definitely under 2 minutes and my issue has been resolved 100% of the time. Trust me, I've been in support chat quite a bit due to having multiple computers, flashed routers, and being overall tech savy.

NordVPN has a strict no logs policy. To ensure user privacy and security, user activities are never logged. Big feature here.

Colonist researchers found two worthy companies that offered all of the above features and we've tried them both. NordVPN is a much nicer service which is why I stuck with them. Below are some additional key features to the NordVPN service.
  • • Military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption and a variety of protocols to choose from
    • Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Protect your PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
    • Unlimited bandwidth and data
    • 2832 servers located in 59 countries (the server number is always growing)
    • Fast speed servers that are reliable and consistent
    • A CyberSec feature that blocks dangerous websites and lets users avoid annoying ads
    • 6 simultaneous connections
    • P2P friendly
    • Works in countries (China, the Middle East countries) where internet access is restricted, and strong censorship is in place
    • Double encryption to ensure top level privacy and security
NordVPN is featured on all tech giants' websites and is highly rated by unbiased security experts:
  • PCMag rated NordVPN as outstanding and has selected it as Editors’ Choice VPN two years in a row. It is the only VPN service provider to get all checks on PCMag’s website.
    VPNMentor has chosen NordVPN as the Best VPN Overall. NordVPN was chose as the best in other categories such as - the best VPN for iOS and the best VPN for USA.
    BestVPN has selected NordVPN as one of th best VPN service providers of 2018.
    • Selected as the best VPN overall in 2018 by TechAdvisor.

Click HERE to JOIN NordVPN

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