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Donation and membership information
 #4331  by Weyland
Q. When I donate, where does my money go?
A. Donations are kept in our Colony Treasury via PayPal. The funds are strictly used for GSP rentals as well as TeamSpeak.

Q. What sort of perks do I get as a donor?
A. We offer guaranteed slots on any of our servers if at capacity. You will also have a dedicated room in our TeamSpeak server. You will also get priority access to events when applicable.

Q. What sort of in-game items will I get for being a donor? Will I get a custom or donor load-out?
A. None. You will not get a donor or custom load-out.

*Note: All of our servers can be accessed by colonists regardless of donor status.

Our policy is in accordance with BI's DayZ Server Monetization rules effective 12.10.2015 as indicated below.

Updated on 3.30.2017 as indicated below.