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  • Hello im new to this

  • Introduce youself and learn about what we do here
Introduce youself and learn about what we do here
 #7059  by cokainecowboy
Hello my name is Eric. I've been playing dayz since in came out and took a massive break. I recently started a new spawn and made it to full loot and found some cool people on a normal server. While exploring a mil base I was shoot from a sniper. I was so angry i wanted to uninstall. I love this game and put my heart into exploring and finding all the cool things this game has to offer but i can't stand investing a solid week in to a character that a i created and invested so heavily into being killed without any kind of provocation. I Heard that you guys have a pve server. I'd be super interested in finding out more about it. Feel free to msg me I'd love to make some new friends and i play computer games quite often (dota2). I think dayz is fun but the way most people play it is killing me considering the consequence for dying is losing all the work you put in.

I never joined a clan or a community like this before so I'm kinda new.

 #7222  by HiPaTon
Hi guys I have finished the whitelist application and now I'm just waiting for the answer I hope it doesn't take a long time, however a big hello and I hope to find you guys in game