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US-1 related chat here
 #6845  by venicedelivery
I'm looking for other like minded whitelist members to form a faction with. I'm not really a leadership type, and generally I find most people filling that role don't meet "my" standard for good leadership traits. So I want to band together and form a democratic unit of players that want to work together but are also able to play independently to accomplish their own or the teams goals.

Faction specific goals:

-Patrolling a set area of the map
-Building/logistics/supply lines
-Contact/relations with other cooperating whitelist users
-Safety in a numbered few

I don't want to rattle on forever in this post about myself, or my ideas on what kind of faction to be. Safe to play as lawful evil in an open population server. Whats more important though is getting a long with the other members so trust can be established and resources can be shared communally for the good of the group.

PM me with the area of the map you are most familiar with if you are interested. 18+ all timezones welcome.
 #6846  by BlitzSoldat28
Hey Venice,

I would be interested in starting up a faction with you. I have some experience in leading groups/clans although I know you said your not looking for anything like that.
I am 29 years old. from the EST time zone US. I am most familiar with the north east from about Sol and above. Mostly east coast. Look forward to talking with you about this.