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Describe your in-game persona
 #3507  by JeSTeR
Hey, I'm Sara and my persona is Jester.

Jester. Why are you as known as Jester?

Since very young, I've been a lonely person, lonely on my mind. Didn't feel happy during my teenage years. Rough times at school. Cried in silence. No one knew but they noticed something on me. Something different...

Years have passed. I thought it was the right time to stop being lonely and get someone who I could count with. I was wrong. My heart cracked a few times. I took wrong decisions. I looked behind but I couldn't do nothing about the past. Something kept stabbing me; something unknown kept disturbing my mind everyday.

I've always been a creative person. Painting and writing was one of my passions. I was used to write funny and maybe shocking stories to entertain people. Like a court jester entertains a small audience, clowning around at the evening. I wanted to do something to say that I do exist. That I am here for a reason! Mostly people didn't care much about that though...

Time has passed. Someone really important appeared on my life. My wounded heart was meant to be healed by him. I gave it to him, and it's still kept with him today.

Terrible things have happened.

On an usual day of my life, I was on my room, creating a new story, and suddenly heard someone screaming in panic, outside on the road , right before hearing the sirens of an ambulance in high speed, which has crashed against a wall. Everyone around was running, confused by what whas happening. The ground was cracked. A storm was coming. Some houses were burning. I just had time to turn around my head and see my mom covered in blood. Blood from someone who was desperately yelling for help but passed away in a short amount of time... My mom told me to leave that place. I couldn't leave her there. Some walking creatures were on the yard behind her, I ran to save her but she yelled "NO! Go and save yourself!". I had to run pretty far away from there. I was feeling awful.

My heart keeper - I didn't know if he was still alive... I ran into his house. Everything inside the house was broken, people with their limbs eaten. I didn't see him. I ran out of there.

Days have passed and I've finally found a temporarly safe house to stay in. Barricaded myself on that house. No one was there. I had some food for around 2 weeks.

I went to the basement. A lot of melee weapons and uncommon things were there, dusty but still intact.
I kept writing my stories, but at that point, I've found they were senseless. No one would read them anymore.

Everything would be vanished, I thought. I prepared a backpack full of temporary supplies and also filled it up with some uncommon objects and melee weapons I found around that place, and decided to go outside. I ran to a small town, not very far from the place I was. The Infected surrounded a small shack. I had no idea what was wrong with those weird humans. But they looked like a threat to me. I had to breathe deeply and perforate their skulls...
There was a normal person inside that shack. At that point, trust was a word that disappeared on this disaster. I don't know who was that person. My mind has gone dark. It was my time to tell the world who am I and why I was still alive.

I had some ideas to keep my mind entertained. People thought I was derranged. I wanted to test that. I've had some metal wires on my backpack. That person inside the shack looked quite weak. She was being bitten by the Infected. Quickly, I restrained her and made her read one of my stories. My adrenaline was insanely high. I was shaking. I was carrying a kitchen knife, thinking that could be useful for survival things... hmm... well!...

I was laughing while some tears of my eyes were falling down to the ground. I stabbed that person a little before she finished reading my story. I ran inside of a house. Found some boots and discarded my shoes that were covered in blood. I fell down on my knees. I was desperated and very confused. I thought it was the end. But I was wrong. It was the beginning of a new era. Something big happened and I had finally changed my life.

That house. There was a closet. I opened it and found black cloaks and a mask. I thought I was dreaming. For some reason, those things were there... On that old closet. I picked up the mask and I've felt a better person after I put it on my face. Never took it out of me since I found it.

I went back to the shack. The clothes and all the items that person I stabbed were gone but the body was still there. I placed a cloak over the dead body and left the place.

A month has passed and it was time to travel out of there. I was looking for something. My mind was determined to do something. But still pretty confused. The town didn't have almost any supplies, hunger was real. I went back to that shack. Then went to a house and cooked the rotten remains of that person. I cried while saying "sorry". But I needed more than that!...

I came across with hundreds of infected-looking humans. I was in a doomed place. Found better melee weapons and also some fire weapons around. Was time to find a normal human, which I call a Survivor. My mind was always planning something...

There were people that didn't diserve to survive. There were just a few of them that I helped and left alone to their own fate, which I call the Pure. I just wish they will have a better and more useful life than I've had. And then, there are the Others. The ones who have refueled my mind of hate and insanity. I used everything to keep myself entertained... Their faces! I couldn't stand! Some may have been innocent, but it was stronger than me!...
What have I become? Should I be happy now? Why some laugh and others cry?

I will keep doing what I've been doing since the beginning of this tragedy. I will keep looking for what I want more until I feel realized. Until I'm able to say I've done something...