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  • [STABLE] UPDATE 1.09

  • DayZ Colony Community Spotlight can be found in our Status Reports
DayZ Colony Community Spotlight can be found in our Status Reports
 #7064  by Weyland

Greetings Colonists, we are happy to inform you that the Game Update 1.09 has arrived on all platforms. This summer was quite a packed period for the team, be it the release of 1.08, the following hotfix period, 1.09 development, but also planning ahead. Speaking about our plans, while we have announced earlier this year that we plan to release 5 updates this year, we would like to inform you that due to challenges we faced earlier this year (during lockdown), we won't be able to deliver five major updates this year. Instead, we chose to dedicate more time for the remaining major Game Update 1.10, slated for the release in November of this year. While we are not ready to share more details about this game update yet, we remain committed to the goals, outlined in the DayZ in 2020 blog post.


But back to the 1.09. The long-awaited Revolver is making its return! This very cool looking gun is chambered with six rounds of the strong .357 ammo within an internal rotating cylinder. In addition to this, we are also adding one more and brand a new gun to DayZ - the Deagle. This beast of a pistol is available in silver and rare gold variants, features a nine .357 round magazine and fits the re-introduced pistol scope, to engage targets over longer distances.


We have also been working on some balancing of the durability of individual firearms, mainly aimed at lowering the durability gap between chambered and magazine based weapons. With this, we have also increased the durability of suppressors and removed the ability to repair weapons with duct tape along with their attachments. Keep an eye out and hold on to those weapon repair kits!

A new structure for base builders has been added - the flag pole. It aims to make the base management easier by continuously refreshing lifetime values of items and structures around. Meaning that you will no longer need to run fence by fence to keep them alive once you build and activate a flag pole in your base. Just keep an eye on how low the flag is, because its position defines how many refresh cycles remain. There are 27 flag variants; we hope you find your personal favorite there!


The central economy setup for both Chernarus and Livonia has received several updates. The items in the world should stay much longer than before, server restarts are no longer spawning new items and rare helicopter crash site loot is now excluded from count in cargo of player bases/stashes, meaning there will be a higher chance of bumping into rare loot on downed helicopters. We have also been testing the door state persistence on the experimental, but due to an issue, we have decided to postpone it for later. Our plan is to also adjust its behaviour - storing only locked doors and have every other properly randomised on server restart.

Our two terrains have received some quality updates with textures updated for several commonly used houses and miscellaneous objects. In addition to that, we have also added seven new exterior/interior variants for commonly used houses, making the landscape more varied. On top of this we have also updated the entire power line network of Chernarus to make the landscape more immersive.


  • Added the Deagle pistol with its attachments
  • Added the Magnum revolver
  • Added the Flag Pole and Flags
  • Added the NBC Respirator
  • Added 7 new exterior and interior variants for rural houses
  • Added new medium and small power lines in Chernarus
  • Added police ADA 4x4 wrecks for Livonia (replacing Chernarus police Olga)
  • Added information to items as to how many you can stack
  • Fixed various issues with object placement of both Chernarus and Livonia terrains
  • Fixed several exploits to glitch through collisions
  • Fixed an issue with the characters sliding on steep slopes
  • Fixed a bug that would spawn certain items slightly below the ground when swapped between the inventory and vicinity
  • Fixed a bug that caused ropes and sticks to be left behind after destroying the watchtower or fence kit
  • Fixed an issue that the player could hear themselves after using and leaving the PSA station behind
  • Fixed a minor misalignment of the mouse cursor texture
  • Fixed an issue that prevented full rounds from being displayed in 1st person view when ejected from the gun
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the Plate Carrier Holster upside-down in the inventory view
  • Fixed an issue that caused crafted items to float above the ground
  • Fixed an issue that caused fish caught via fishing to float above the ground
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the gas cooker to run even when stored inside the inventory
  • Fixed a bug that placed the rope on the ground, if you removed it from a Watchtower Kit or Fence Kit into your hands
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from picking up certain items that were dropped on the Watchtower
  • Fixed a bug that would cause floating ammunition to appear next to the player while reloading
  • Fixed a bug that would cause dropped items to clip through the garden plot
  • Fixed a bug that caused wooden planks cut from a pile to be created wherever the first cut plank was moved
  • Fixed a bug blocking players from opening vehicles doors caused by nearby dead bodies
    Jumping out of a car can no longer be used to glitch into objects or jump through fences (player will get teleported back)
  • Fixed an issue with items in nested containers disappearing or spawning on the ground as new
  • Fixed the damage calculation of the shotgun when using pellet ammunition
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to see through the Olga 24 without hood in 1st person view
  • Fixed a bug allowing infected to climb over closed party tent doors
  • Fixed an issue with picking up items through certain walls
  • Fixed a bug making it possible to place tents in the water
  • Fixed a bug making it possible to place tents into steep terrain
  • Fixed a bug that prevented foliage smoothing settings to be applied on game restart
  • Fixed an issue that caused bullets shot via the double-fire-mode (BK 43 and Blaze) to only be registered as one hit
  • Fixed a bug that allowed usage of a ruined lock pick
  • Fixed an issue preventing quantities of items spawned within cargo at random capacity
  • Fixed an issue blocking certain infected types from appearing within cities and industrial zones
  • Fixed an issue with executing emotes in limited spaces, causing the character to clip into objects
  • Fixed an issue causing vehicles with running engines to injure players close to it, even if the vehicle did not move
  • Updated the textures for several buildings and various props
  • You can now place up to 10 Wooden Sticks into a fireplace
  • Armbands are not stackable anymore and their inventory size are decreased to 1x2
    The doors of vehicle wrecks now open wider
  • Locked doors only display their locked state after the player tried to open them once
  • Changed the attachment slot icon for Stones
  • Stacks of same items can also be combined on the ground (to the maximum of inventory stack)
  • Updated the model of Olga 24 police car for Chernarus
  • Balanced the dispersion values for all pistols
  • Balanced the weapon durability during firing
  • Increased the durability of suppressors (including improvised)
  • Duct tape can no longer be used to repair weapons and their attachments
  • Digging a garden plot now damages the tool used
  • Locking/unlocking doors now damages the Lockpick
  • New characters spawn with a T-Shirt and crop hiking pants
  • New characters have a chance to spawn with damaged gear
  • Reduced the penalty on heat isolation and absorbency from worn and damaged clothing
  • The watchtower kit can only be placed under a ceiling that fits at least the 1st floor of the watchtower
  • Items dropped from hands during a players death will share the lifetime of the dead body (1 hour by default)
  • Items de-equipped when skinning a dead player share the dead player body's lifetime (1 hour by default)
  • The radial menu for emotes now shows whether an emote can be executed in the current position
  • Adjusted the effective ranges of the Revolver and Deagle

  • Added more loot points to the car wrecks
  • Lifetime values of all items have been greatly increased
  • Rare helicrash loot is now opted out from count in cargo of player-owned storage items (tents, crates,..)
  • The restart of server no longer spawns new loot (ignoring restock timers) and loot is only spawned after restock timers run out
  • Added new InitialSpawn parameter into globals.xml, allowing the definition of the % of items spawned into the world (only when there is no existing storage present)
  • Added: Exposed AbstractWave::GetFrequency into scripts
  • Added: DayZPlayerUtils::PlayerCanChangeStance function
  • Added: Script define DAYZ_X_YY (DayZ version, X being the major, YY the minor version number)
  • Added: New no land-contact versions for castle models (it is recommended not to use the regular versions because of collision issues)
  • Added: IsPendingDeletion to easily check if a parent object is in the deletion process
  • Added: OnJumpOutVehicleFinish event when a player lands after jumping out of a car
  • Added: GetCEGlobal functions to get values defined in the globals.xml
  • Added: OnCEUpdate event on EntityAI (gets called with active CE each time it saves the state of the object)
  • Fixed: Entity::SetScale is now working in script
  • Changed: Bullet SphereCast & RayCast can ignore BulletSkeletonComponent
  • Changed: Passing the new ECE_NOLIFETIME flag to CreateObjectEx will skip the setting of lifetime for the created object
  • Changed: Renamed OnRadiusLifetime* methods to RadiusLifetime* methods
  • Changed: Commented out the legacy solution for damaging weapons through script, now replaced with damageBarrel and barrelArmor config parameters
  • Changed: m_ConditionTarget of targeted actions from 'CCTNone' to something, that can check first distance condition (usually 'CCTCursor').
  • Changed: Items created through script (CreateObject, CreateObjectEx) will get their lifetime assigned (when CE is running)
  • Changed: Debug shapes are now visible when DayZDiag_x64.exe is used