Advanced Role-Play Systems 

  • [EXPANSION] Update 1.01

  • DayZ Colony Community Spotlight can be found in our Status Reports
DayZ Colony Community Spotlight can be found in our Status Reports
 #7063  by Weyland

  • Added a key to show only party members 3d markers. (K)
  • Added quick marker system for groups. You can quickly mark a position for your group members. (H)
  • Added setting to disable the magic crosshair (Bullets will go in path from barrel when set to true).
  • Added setting for allowing dismantle of flag.
  • Added a search bar for players in invite list of territory/party tab in the book.
  • Added logging for raiding, currently in ADM log but will change to own files in future.
  • Codelocks will no longer require you to enter the password everytime.
  • Codelocks now give you damage if you don't enter correct password.
  • Safes now auto lock when closed.
  • Safes now have damage multiplier settings.
  • Restart sprint after complete depletion of stamina and you have activated autorun with sprint.

  • Fixed damage issue with the rocket launcher "LAW".
  • Fixed more duplicating bug with safezone.
  • Fixed carp in house 1w03 that could be gutted with a knife.
  • Fixed COM launching with CF and COT exp.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ExplosivesCharges to break walls even when multiplier was set to 0.
  • Fixed skin NULL pointer.
  • Fixed kit NULL pointer.
  • Fixed keys not working on MH6 Little Bird and Vodnik.
  • Fixed Lumber attach action.
  • Fixed various warnings.
  • Fixed Local makers not saving.
  • Fixed autorun still sprinting when out of stamina.
  • Fixed unlocked door after server restart when it should be locked.
  • Fixed empty airdrops.
  • Fixed a exploit with helicopter and relog.
  • Fixed Gyrocopter.
  • Various visual fixes for weapons.
  • AWM no longer accepts multiple optics at once.
  • Tweaked ammo flare inventory size.
  • Tweaked M9 inventory size.
  • Tweaked tractor wheel chance and spawn rate.
  • Tweaked Night vision overlay background color.
  • Tweaked Helis maniability.
  • Tweaked Vehicles maniability.
  • Tweaked weather.
  • Increased (32) max chars for marker and party names.
  • Changed default setting to require map item to use map.
  • Flag texture path is saved in territory now instead of an id.
  • Safe items no longer get destroyed while raiding.
  • Inset the physics geometry for the Zodiac, the player will no longer seemingly float.
  • Removed 2 remaining cans of food in 2w01 house.
  • GPS inventory view updated.
  • Updated translation tables.
  • Added preprocessor define (EXPANSIONMOD), so any third party mod can use it, if they want to detect expansion loaded in script
  • Moved GetFlagTexturePath to a non static function, so can be modded, to add new flag texture
  • Added the possibility to add custom flag texture with mod.
All current territories will be not spawned in, you will need to replace your territory.

You will need to update/regenerate the following config files :

  • added bool "EnableQuickMarker"
  • added float SafeExplosionDamageMultiplier
  • added float SafeProjectileDamageMultiplier
  • added bool CanDismantleFlag