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  • Tell your day-to-day stories here
Tell your day-to-day stories here
 #2529  by JackeL
that was awesome! we had some great player to player interactions inside the prison.. made some friends.. met some old enemies haha.. then we got sniped at from the mainland.. still cant believe that.. amazing shot!!

we retreated back into the prison had one man on the inside somewhere that was unaccounted for.. then had some gutsy player run up to unlock the door and get blasted down haha.. but he did get the door unlocked haha...

then another player spawns inside the prison complex and gives us some hell as he shot n killed one of our guys who was modeling the new prison outfit haha... then our sniper dropped a countersniper inside the military prison from a window..

flares being shot into the sky added to some intense gameplay!!

the best part is... it was all done with GREAT sport. no one got mad about being killed no rivalries sparking huge arguments.. it was awesome.. the server is shaping up into a great community!!

if anyone has any kewl screenshots or any videos of it all.. i kno i want to see as much of this from every angle as possible haha.. POST IT UP

 #2535  by GhostArcher
Glad to be apart of it, not sure how you managed to swim back over as a new spawn. lol.
We handcuffed your unconscious body after you picked a fight with the guy with the AK. Then bandaged you up but you must have just clicked "respawn" :-)

I had some "steaks" for you to get better ;-)
 #2538  by IvanS.
I didn't get much action there until late last night, killed someone on the tower then seen two guys in a truck having a real hard time getting on the island. They eventually got on and I lost sight until I ran around a corner and they both were there. 3 AK's all going off was pretty great lol. I think I killed one and at least hit the other(got killed by backup shortly after) but I most definitely died and then some. Then there was a guy that was inside a rock shooting and making noises.