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  • Two men enter, one man leaves...
Two men enter, one man leaves...
 #5707  by Ian_mcdoogan
It is against Pinkerton policy to even enter a tent that is not ours. We do not loot. We are brought donations for later trade and so on. We do not have to lift a finger for revenge. Our satisfied customers do that for us.
 #5708  by Polar
Well that's fine and appropriate for your Role Play style. I'm just trying to offer some motives. Maybe not for you, but for others as well.

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 #5709  by Polar
By the way, my posts in this are of my own opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of other Admins.

I'm just here to offer the other sides view as it seemed lacking.

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 #5741  by Kactus
Is loot limited in number of items on the server?

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 #5936  by ][_,aw][_,ess
I can handle losing my gear.
I can handle re gearing.
I can even handle the fact that some people will outright glitch right through a tent to get to my stuff.. its going to happen no matter how locked down it is ! I can deal with that....

What really grinds my gears, is when I log in and catch you mid thieving... your bitch asses log out inside my camp with barrels in hand....
Wouldn't wanna get caught being a douche i get it. that's why you wait until everyone's offline.. Then make up BS stories pinning it on some random dude.
The lack of sack on some of these individuals just blows my mind. If i take your shit, you best believe im gonna own it. I would want you to know it was me.

If you really want the gear at our camp. Try challenging us for it .
Id love to put another stamp of oZ. on the heat map , at a place you called home.
But my bet is you dont have it in you. gutless.

We know who you are ... and we will be taking every opportunity to send you packin to the coast. that is of course if you stay online when we log in.... bitches.
 #7245  by Alisha78
hello everyone, 8-)
Robbing refers to the intentional act of taking something that does not belong to you without permission, while despawning refers to the automatic removal of items or entities in a video game after a certain period of time or under certain conditions. While robbing is morally wrong and illegal in the real world, despawning is simply a mechanic of the game and does not carry any ethical implications..