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Two men enter, one man leaves...
 #6586  by RedLightHitter
So I have yet to see anyone post anything about a Glitch on a base the other day. So Wednesday night and Thursday morning the Wolves and Minuteman's base was glitched into. I spent all day researching how they did it online to find out a active glitch thanks to a couple YouTube vid's.

Facts...At approx. 2300hrs on Wednesday night a member left our impenetrable building and headed towards Tisy. He logged out at 2318. From 2319 till 0444, there were four people who were consistently on (see below for details copied from Server history). During the time frame of 2319 to 0444, individuals GLITCHED into said base and raped it. They took an "Approx." 8 barrels (one of which was owned by a non-member). One barrel the threw everything on the ground (the items where leather and nowhere to be found). They took a massive amount of .308 (up to 800 if not a couple hundred more), 8 AK drums, An Item that will not be talked about, a couple Plate Carrier's, a couple Smersh completes, two swords, approx. 9 Fal mags, and an assortment of decked out AK's . There were more items that were taken, but off my head I can't remember. When we logged on at 0445, the front door tent was moved, with three decked out M4's. Another tent was moved that could only have been glitched into to be moved. We found one item on the ground, which means we missed you by 30mins.

This could not have been moved by just one person. The amount of gear taken was way too high. You have messed with two factions. I personally am tired of you bitch's fucking up this server for a weeks’ worth of fun. Everyone of importance has been notified about all the items that were taken. So good luck trading. Good luck getting anything or having someone do something for you. You are fucking up a good thing. Why can't you just hold up or shoot your way into a base. Ohya, YOU’RE A FUCKING PUSSY....

Below is a copy from the History of name that where on for long periods of time. Meaning longer then 30mins. It’s a straight copy minus the numbers. I’m no Rocket Scientist, BUT, I can pick out four names (one of which has glitched before) from below that run or have ran together as a group. I also hope all of these barrels are not glitched into non-working buildings in an Industrial area (HINT-HINT).

Just makes no sense why you can’t play correctly. But I’m guessing no one did it (that’s what my three sub 12yr old always say). I guess we are playing with kids…

Your karma is coming…Your KOS to me

-Larry OG out of K1 @11:11
@ 11:19 --- Captain Kcirtap 01:14:35, Jean-Paul Marat 01:08:04, Bittercup 01:02:24, sKeLeToR 00:47:15, Bloodbringer, 00:24:36, David Zerr 00:01:03
@11:49 --- Jean-Paul Marat 01:42:04, sKeLeToR 01:21:14,
David Zerr 00:35:03, Bittercup 00:11:33
@12:22 --- SKeLeToR 01:52:14, Bittercup 00:42:33, Jean-Paul Marat 00:06:24
@02:11 --- SKeLeToR 03:34:14, Jean-Paul Marat 01:48:24, Bittercup 01:20:42
@03:22 --- Bittercup 02:37:42, sKeLeToR 00:55:11, Jean-Paul Marat 00:53:25, Ducky 00:49:34, Bonzo 00:25:23, Mattis 00:17:29
@04:44 --- sKeLeToR 00:39:31, Bittercup 00:20:37
 #6589  by Bittercup
Well I'm upset that you think I'm one of the ones behind it... :x

I suspect that people were glitching into Gorka as well. I'm not as saavy as some of you others I'm sure at locking down bases, but I'm SURE that the cowshed was locked down. Unless you can walk through military tent walls line up in an exact perfect spot surrounded by brick walls...

The rest of it possibly not. But the cowshed for sure.

My only guess at why people knew I was "quitting" DayZ Colony US-2 is due to the bitch-fit I threw on my secret Defender FB group after the "Battle of Gorka." I know that Kilo can see that stuff. A big reason WHY I threw that bitch-fit, which might not be known, is that the day after the battle someone had opened the cowshed FOR THE 3RD TIME and EVERYTHING of value (mags and ammo, silencers, whatever that was small and valuable) was gone. Happened at Old Fields. Happened at Gorka multiple times.

I'm down for in-game battle though, as long as it's for the right reasons. NOT because you are accusing me of this horseshit. Some people have heard me bitch about my based getting glitched too, BUT I haven't really said much because what can be done about it? I was hiding on top of the silo in Gorka for awhile trying to record video to see if I could catch someone being a piece of shit, and fully intended on recording them doing it and then killing them and going to Weyland, but I'm not at Gorka anymore :P Still watching at the spot where I've moved to, but... I don't think anyone has found me yet.
 #6590  by RedLightHitter
Below is a copy from the History of name that where on for long periods of time. Meaning longer then 30mins. It’s a straight copy minus the numbers. I’m no Rocket Scientist, BUT, I can pick out four names (one of which has glitched before) from below that run or have ran together as a group. I also hope all of these barrels are not glitched into non-working buildings in an Industrial area (HINT-HINT).
See that line I just quoted. What it means is that four where on almost constantly for five and a half hours. You're the first of the four to write anything attempting to defend yourself. I really don't care if you base is to the east. The history is saying you four where on. Most all people know our bases are impenetrable. But, not many know of yours (till you ranted, then all raided it).

So...Like I said before...All will jump in and say "Not me, I did not do it." YET, we know a couple of the four where in that area from your own mouth.

So waiting for the other three to pop on and say they did not do it...
 #6591  by Bittercup
Well, to be fair... I'm SORT of active on this forum. I keep writing shit because I'm into the RP. That being said, it still took me two days to see/notice this post.

To eliminate myself from the suspects, I suppose I just won't play during those times anymore... which means I will be playing ALOT less... I like to run between Tisy and NWAF during that time because I can loot up and find potential chopper crashes too without the risk of being merc'ed. Sometimes it's only for a few hours at night because I've got stuff to do IRL in the morning, sometimes it's all night long if I don't have something coming up until the afternoon the next day.

Which is sad, since I just donated money to your community... I didn't even know about "glitching" until coming to this server, I've only played in the public hive prior to this. I never had a reason to try and lock a place down before since you could just ghost in from another server and get into that location (and frankly, I never even thought about it until seeing Kabanino and PTC...). Being able to get through shit you shouldn't is a component of the game that I find incredibly irritating now that I've been made aware of it, and I've been considering just getting and playing a new game due to that shortfall.

Hehe, and in case I do keep playing here the reason I haven't informed anyone of my new secret base is because I'm not having problems with people breaking in anymore :P I assume people have found it, but I guess just the people who aren't assholes.
 #6669  by Weyland
Interesting enough, after a lengthy investigation Bittercup's friends were found guilty. Not only did we have video proof, but also a confession (on TeamSpeak post-incident) to base glitching as well as duping.

sKeLeToR and Jean-Paul Marat aka Luca Brasi were the offenders in question. Once banned I despawned their base which had 5+ SVD's, tons of FAL's + mags, and a metric ton of the very rare .45 ammo just to name a few. The duping was very obvious as certain items in the medic containers that housed the .45 had other items in the bottom left corner that were all the same condition. Looks like they duped the medic containers. These items were dumped into the Elektro harbor and now sleep with the fishes!

See what I did there Mr. Brasi?