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Learn about what kind of colonies we have to offer
 #38  by Weyland

Alignment: Unlawful, Evil, or Chaotic

Description: Bandits by definition are outlaws. Before the outbreak many of these bandits had extensive criminal backgrounds of varying degrees. In this new world, they won't just kill you for your gear, they will kill you because you live. Death is usually on the menu and if you have something they want, even better. Bandits from yesteryear might just hold you up and rob you, the old timers had a code. But the new school bandits, your probably DOA.


Alignment: Lawful or Unlawful

Description: Bounty Hunters operate inside the scope of the law, or what is left of it. In the old world they were legally licensed to apprehend wanted criminals in a particular district. Former police usually fit this bill. In rare instances they are reffered to as a bounty killer if a murder is required to collect the bounty. Beware, these are highly trained individuals.


Alignment: Neutral

Description: Now that horticulture is implemented, farming is now a reality. At this time growing tomato's are the only option. But consider all vegetables as place-holder for new seed packs. Marijuana will also be on the list of grow items. Find a place to call home with greenhouses, grow and sell your crop to one of our many trader colonies. Live the simple life by living off the land.

Class: GYPSY

Alignment: Unknown

Description: Gypsies are historically famed for their singing, dancing, and musical skills and often times have connections with the occult. These are not mere fortune tellers as some of them profess to see the future…your future. Some of them claim to see the past. Do they know what really happened here? Chernarusian Gypsies are shrouded in mystery.

Class: HERO

Alignment: Lawful

Description: Before the outbreak many of these folks had backgrounds in law enforcement. Right vs wrong, heroes abide by an internal code. They won't be handing out bouquets of flowers and justice can often times be harsh. Most heroes are helpful and will guide you along your way to the best of their ability.


Alignment: Lawful or Neutral

Description: For the most part, Hunters keep to themselves and are completely self-sufficient. Whether its actively hunting, trapping, or off the land is their expertise. They are masters of tanning leather, herbal medicines, as well as knowing what foods are poisonous or not. If I was you, I would make friends with any Hunters I run across. If you betray them, it might be you that gets hunted.

Class: MEDIC

Alignment: Lawful or Neutral

Description: Medics are the protectors of the wasteland and the menders of wounds. If you have a broken leg, they will send a team to fix it. Food poisoned? They will cure you of what ails you. They are the most valuable asset to our colonies as they provide medical care for everyone, bandits alike. Do not cross them as they have the power to blacklist colonies.


Alignment: Neutral

Description: Mechanics are here to make your life easier. Broke down in the middle of nowhere? Wouldn't it be nice to get some roadside assistance! If you're looking to fix things and help others survival that much easier, maybe this is your calling!


Alignment: Lawful, Neutral, or Unlawful

Description: Mercs can be your best friend or your worst enemy. They offer services for all occasions. Pay them their fee and all is right with the world. Jip them and you'll have hell to pay. They will answer distress calls to any paying customer. As long as the beans are plenty and the Spite is flowing, you just might have found the deal of a lifetime.


Alignment: Lawful

Description: Pacifists are a peaceful people. They would rather die than kill another person and believe all conflict can be resolved peacefully. In the old world a classic Pacifist would be a defense lawyer, animal rights activist, etc.


Alignment: Neutral, Chaotic, Evil, or Unlawful

Description: Scavengers do what they need to do to survive. Stand in their way and it might be the last day on whats left of this green earth. Hide your belongings because scavs will put legs on your inventory.


Alignment: Neutral

Description: Survivor live by their own set of rules and are generally decent folk. They know how to survive and do it well. If your looking for to survive against the varying degrees of environment, the survivor colony might be what your looking for.


Alignment: Lawful or Neutral

Description: Trader colonies supply Chernarus with various wares. Although some will settle into certain areas and setup trading posts, most choose to roam the expanse for security reasons as well as better profits. Traders are not to be trifled with as they have very advanced security teams. Additionally, some traders house doctors who can treat various ailments for a fee.


Alignment: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic, or Evil

Description: Zealots are fanatics which are usually of the religious variety. In the old world, you might find them knocking on your door with pamphlets in hand or picketing against something very controversial. If you choose this style of role-play you will need to follow some crafted religious belief or be part of some sort of cult. The possibilities are wide open as far as alignment is concerned.