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Ban appeals and general help
 #4469  by Weyland
I don't remember your case in particular and we don't keep logs lying around.

I do remember your clan tag though. I banned a few of your guys for going on murderous rampages.
 #4471  by Goose_Lord
Well i was on the otherside of the map though while they were murdering everyone and i still got banned even know i wasnt invovled im not even in that clan anymore

 #4496  by Weyland
I understand what happened finally...

I didn't realize you were whitelisted because you changed your name. After you left the project I saw your whitelisted name which is Goose_Lord. The name you showed in the pic is *VG* Noah. I wouldn't have banned you if I knew who you were. You were banned for a high kill count on US-1. There are scheduled messages on US-1 that indicate that if you're not whitelisted and have a high kill-count, you'll find your wayn onto the ban list. You changed your name, thus I didn't know who you were. This is your fault.

Our name change policy is clearly written on our Mission Statement page that you are required to read after being whitelisted. Sorry to see you go, but we have rules for a reason and you honestly did it to yourself.
 #4497  by Goose_Lord
Except i never killed anyone the only reason i was banned is because i had the same clan tag as someone else also this was not on a whitelisted server and i just made this account so no im not "Whitelisted" with this name and not with the other name
 #4498  by Goose_Lord
This was on the non whitelisted server so im not sure how you think im whitelisted and thats the reasin i was banned.
 #4500  by Weyland
Well someone named Goose_Lord that was whitelisted just left the community. You're saying that's not you?