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Ban appeals and general help
 #4536  by Kactus
We are actually looking into this. I m sorry it doesn't fit your schedule for us to have you on a list of things to do. Pax was this weekend and we spent much of our time reviewing Dayz not to mention administering on all three of the servers. We have spoken this morning and will contact you regarding the decision

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 #4537  by Weyland
Goose_Lord wrote:Thats pretty weird though
I made a mistake, the person that was whitelisted was Loose_Goose. Not you and apologize for the confusion.
Goose_Lord wrote:GG great admins not doing anything about this ban gj m8s.
With the ^ said and the fact that you can't prove us wrong, the ban stays. You've been banned for a high kill count on US-1. Your friends were just here to grief and thus removed as well. Find another community, DayZ Colony isn't for you. Cheers!
 #4550  by Weyland
Goose_Lord wrote:10/10 server myself banned for having a clan tag on gg
I never banned anyone ever based on their clan tag. You were found to have a high kill count and were thus banned. Stop making stuff up.

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