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Discussion for all things DayZ
 #6761  by Polar
No. He is not. Get some Facts, or present your own.
 #6763  by Nonova70
maybe not my place as I am not part of the group yet and don't know all the major facts, but here is my 2 cents. I use to admin a bf2 servers part of clan I was in. and I STILL don't get why ppl who get banned for breaking server rules cry so much. I see it on steam dayz forums. just move on to another server. my list is full of other severs to play on why waste time crying or reporting a server instead of playing this game. . sorry if I miss stepped or outta place
 #6765  by Weyland
deckhardt44 wrote:Hey guys,

Anyone see this today? ... /?sort=new

Is our fearless leader losing it?
What makes you think I'm losing it...because I'm addressing the trolls?

Apparently NOT addressing the trolls has gotten us in trouble, so I have to get in there an do some work.

Did you read the OP? If you did you would know I was out of cards and had to go public.