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Colony announcements and information
 #7073  by Weyland

I'm sure some of you have noticed that I've been afk off and on for the last few months, without getting into details lets just say 2021 isn't my year. I just want to publicly thank our new admin Stinkerton for all of the help during this time. If it wasn't for Stinkerton, DZC would not be functional. So salut my friend, you are a selfless lifesaver!

Moving forward into 1.13, there isn't just going to be a version update on all 4 servers here at DZC. Let's be honest here, for a variety of reasons...all 4 servers are dead. I sat down one night and had a long look at how we got here.

I made bullet points of...
  • Mistakes
  • Player Behavior
  • Exploits
  • Misdirection
  • Problems with the DayZ Game Loop
  • Landscape of Community/Communities
I forged a battle-plan to fix the issues that plague not only DZC, but DayZ in general and to be honest - the answer was looking me in the face the entire time waiting for me to recognize it.

Once I forged this new steel in front of me, I consulted with staff so we could sharpen the blade, then I spoke with our Ambassadors which were an amazing help. Thank you so much to our Ambassadors! I truly am blessed to have such an amazing team behind me.

Let me present to you...

DayZ Colony
In a world thats fallen to pieces, Chernarus is where your experience takes place. You can choose a lifestyle of those that are trying to put the pieces back together, try to tear it all down once and for all, make your way in a small group weathering the storm, or live alone and on your own terms. From here on out, the choice is yours, choose your own adventure.

No Colonist Left Behind
First and foremost, we've got so many great players with diversity in taste, I just can't help to think of this community without them being here. Mission critical is this - I don't want to lose you. To make this a reality, I've created a system where all play styles are welcome and can co-exist: pvp, pve, role-play, hardcore survival. As it was, DayZ Colony will be 1 server.

Tracing Our Roots
What got DayZ Colony to #1 years back was creativity, we never had the benefit of content creators, streamers, or modders artificially boosting our stock - it was all done because people enjoyed the trappings and vision of DayZ Colony. To keep that tradition intact, I need to redefine what we do, what you do, and the place we do it in. Role-play is our focus and you're going to need to do it to get 110% out of this world. We're here to help and anyone that needs help, we've got you covered.

Part of our redefined roleplay system is all players must choose a Lifestyle. Currently, we offer 4 different Lifestyles...
  • Colonist
  • Raider
  • Outlander
  • Free-People
Once you pick a Lifestyle, you need to pick a role.
You can read all about it here:

Colonists will have jobs and private quarters. Jobs are going to be fun. There will be community storage as well as private storage that increases as your rank increases. Payroll, you get paid every week. No stealing, steal once and you're banished. You'll have a required uniform so people know you're a colonist.

Raiders will have guilds and operate out of Skalisty Island aka The Harbor. They'll have access to the Black Market Trader and Drug Trade. Raiders will have lifestyle integrated weekly missions created by staff. Different guilds have outfits that must be worn to retain status and perks. Raiders are expected to control hot-zones.

Outlanders are basically people who want no part of anything and want to live on their own terms in Chernarus. They'll have access to a retail trader. Limits on faction sizes. Read more above.

Free-People are lone wolves. They'll have access to Advanced Farming, RV access, and access to their own Trailer Park at the Fishing Village in Berezki equipped with a private trader. Anti-raid provisions (in development), gas discounts, must base in isolation, lower taxes, and much much more.

To make Chernarus finally feel real, the economy has to reflect the little bits of lore we have and scarcity will be in effect. If you don't want to live inside the high walls of the Colony, survival isn't going to be as easy as it used to be. It won't be super hard, there will be a balance. I want you to have fun, not work!

Certain items will not spawn so you'll have to resort to traders and commerce between each other. I have a fully integrated system for commerce where everybody becomes a trader.

Food will be scarce. You're not finding canned food like you do now but you will be able to find food, just not what you're used too. I don't want people starving on the coast so we've got provisions in place. But to survive with a full belly, it's going to be work - like it should be.

Advanced Farming is a coming soon reality and it's going to involve systems play with our custom mod that is currently in development. You'll find being a farmer will be rewarding and commerce will be fun.

Hunting will require work, knowledge, and skill. Going to the same place over and over, killing loads of whatever, and loading your cars up with endless steaks is a thing of the past. You'll need a Hunters Almanac, Hunters Notes, and in-game Missions on your radio to find animals. We have dynamic animal spawns in place that will change frequently so you'll need to move around the map and use in-game resources to be an effective hunter.

The fun doesn't stop there!

People are going to want your meat :oops: so commerce is going to be an additional fun pastime for hunters.

Ammunition spawns will be scarce, gun spawns won't be as overpowered and robust. You'll have good guns, but not without challenge.

Gas will be naturally be scarce depending on your lifestyle. There will be fun options to get gassed up, but getting gas from the pump is over.

Access to traders will depend on your Lifestyle choice and different traders will have different discounts, gear, and outcomes.

Trading will have a supply/demand feature, inventory limits, scaled pricing depending on condition, specific licenses for different traders, and traders will have missions for items in high demand.

Access to Banking and ATM's will depend on your lifestyle. There are credit cards and transaction fee's.

You can choose to have a job depending on your lifestyle. If you've ever played Arma Life in Arma 3, we've got it beat!

Taxes are to be paid to a Colony Tax Collector weekly. It's cheap, but just enough to keep it fun.

No hoarding. There are limits on certain types of storage and if you exceed these limts, your taxes will increase or siezed.

Vehicle limits are set in place. Too many people with loads of tents on wheels. With our new trader system, keys are a thing of the past. You'll be able to set a code to your vehicle. No more losing keys!

Base-building will have additional realistic limitations. You can't build a base close to a main road, base-building gear will be at the Retail Trader only, building location will dicate your tax rate. Build Anywhere will probably not be used, protruding walls and impossible structures are no longer going to be displayed.

Key Features
  • An extremely exciting and robust NO-KOS policy. US-3 players will love how it works, we didn't forget about you!
  • No Combat Logging.
  • PvP Zones (Hot Zones) indicated with triggered in-game prompts.
  • Advanced CLE High Tier system.
  • Increased Infected
  • Green Zones
  • Advanced Medical Systems
  • Ai NPC (WHUT!)
  • 1 Airdrop per restart
  • Nuke Missions
  • Buried Treasure
  • Player Missions
  • Roleplay Missions
  • Anti-Loot Cycling Provisions
  • Wide Variety of Helicopters
  • Reimagined Overgrowth
  • Lots of exciting new mods
  • The ability to customize your living quarters
  • The ability to customize your characters clothing
  • Advanced Cooking (coming soon)
  • New Website (almost done, Rules page incomplete but ready for you to check it out!)
  • New Forum (coming soon)
Thank You
We're really excited to have DayZ Colony function as it always should have. Remember, there is a place for everyone here. There are more details to come so stay tuned for that and thank you so much for being here and choosing to enjoy our vision of survival in Chernarus!
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