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Colony announcements and information
 #7070  by Weyland
After opening a Namalsk server last year, the project didn't go as planned so I replaced that node with brigning back US-1.

Now that the dust has settled we've got loads of new content and to be honest, I really feel like I've learned from my mistakes on the first Namalsk run. I wanted to have an additional layer of whtielisting to ensure the best possible survival experience, but the restricted access hurt us in the long run. This is no longer a focus.

Moving forward, with the new content that's available from Namalsk itself as well as additional mods I've actually been waiting for since 2013, I think we can really hit the ground running and keep fresh content in the pipeline.


Let's go through some features and rules of engagement.

  • 11 Vehicles
  • Expanded Health System
  • Night Cycle (Short)
  • Street Lights
  • Buffed Stamina
  • Roving Trader
  • Limited Basebuilding
  • Enhanced Trader Menu
  • Advanced Tanning & Leather Working
  • Live Medics
Snow Mobiles
We've got a very limited supply of Snow Mobiles, one of each color. You cannot secure them in any way, shape, or form. I want you to steal them and I want people to steal them from you! We've seen in the past if colonists can secure vehicles, they get hoarded and turn into tents on wheels. This is not going to happen on Namalsk. If you redline the Snowmobiles, the battery and sparkplug will disappear so be cautious!

Expanded Health System
I've brought back the Medical Attention mod. I want US-4 to be an extreme survival experience. Illness' and treatments are far too long to list so you'll have to acquire our Colonial Medical Encyclopedia to learn and practice treatments on your own. I will not provide any informaiton outside of game so don't ask.


I will say ahead of time that using a Blood Test Kit will give you a detailed medical report. You'll need this information to treat your symptoms.

Night Cycle
Shorter than US-2, but longer than US-1. Use this time to get some sleep by a fire to get your Sleep/Fatigue meter back to 100%.

Street Lights
I want people to enjoy the nights as much as possible. Street Lights will be lit in certain amounts.

Buffed Stamina
My personal MoreStamina mod is in place. You're going to need it!

Roving Trader
I've had Vadim on US-1 and US-2 at different area's, but players learned how to exploit this so I just kept him in one spot.

On Namalsk, the Trader will be at different area's without notice. The only way to find him is through personal adventure. No information on his locations will be provided. Stay frosty!

Limited Basebuilding
Last time in Namalsk, I let in small amounts of basebuilding gear into the world. Our players are far too advanced to let this stop them from building things I felt didn't make sense in Namalsk. Provisions have been put in place to create a more realistic basebuilding environment. All basebuilding material can only be bought at the trader. I'm going to stop here and not tell you everything. You're going to have to learn the extent of what you can or can't do on your own.

Enhanced Trader Menu
Getting the prices and items right has been a challenge. I feel this is the most realistic trader menu I've ever made. Again, you'll have to adventure this on your own. No meta-preparations before you see the menu. Bon Appétit!

Advanced Tanning & Leather Working
This is something I believe many of you have been waiting for. This is not a quick process and if you want to survive Namalsk, you're going to end up learning how to tan leather. Trust me on that.

Live Medics
I know many of you want to do this, but players are too advanced for the simple environments of Chernarus and Deer Isle for this to viable. I have an application for medics to fill out if they want to be an official paid medic.
Disclaimer: Payment is in funny money in-game rubles.

Custom Spawnpoints
You're not going to spawn in the same old places. For a variety of reasons, I've made custom spawn points.

Custom + Dynamic Adventures & Treasures
Along with the lore that's already in-game, I now have the power to create my own books, scrolls, and files that are readable. I will add the Treasures mod when I get a little more time. All custom stories and photo's. Possibly adding the Mission mod as well. Staying busy with new adventures is fun and will keep things fresh.

  • Base Restriction Zones
  • KOS Discouraged
  • Hot Zones
I want to keep the rules clear and lite.

Base Restriction Zones
Bases are now to be ~200 meters away from military loot spawns. This is our all time lowest distance so please do not abuse it.

KOS Discouraged
KOS against individuals is very much discouraged. This is a extreme hardcore survival environment. Helping players is something I want people to do.

On the other hand, when people group up they are less fragile and are often organically more dangerous.

I want colonists to fight when the time arises, I'm not looking to duplicate US-3. I'm interested in a fusion between US-1/US-2/US-3 if that could even be possible. KOS for individuals against groups or smaller groups against bigger groups is NOT discouraged.

You can't expect a lone survivor to interact with an entire group before initiating any sort of PVP, it's suicide. Same goes for a group of 2 against say, a group of 6.

This is all very WIP, so please don't be worried about being interrupted. KOS is an age old debate and finding the right balance will require additional observation.

At the end of the day, I don't want people going through a check list before they can fight. Presumably, this will be my biggest challenge.

Hot Zones
Military area's are considered Hot Zones. It's up to you how to play. KOS or not, your decision. I'll always encourage rp or interaction, but in a hostile environment like Namalsk, all bets are off and survival must reign supreme.