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Describe your in-game persona
 #7050  by Lordtetsuo
 Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:26 am
Name: Maxwell Tyberious Magnus
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225
Birthplace: Washington State
Occupation: Mercenary (former Army Ranger Combat Journalist, Black Gate operative)
Codename: Akira (Authority)

While growing up in the Northwest, Max had a keen knowledge and understading of guns from an early age. He often went hunting with his family and was a very good shot, and often referred to his favorite motto: One Shot - One Kill. After he graduated High School, Max found himself enlisting in the Army, as college was just too expensive and he needed a way to hone his skills. During his enlistment he completed several tours and was regarded not only as an expert Marksman, but also a Sharpshooter. Quailifing with several types of weapons. his personal favorite - a nikon 35mm with a zoom lens that would make a sniper blush. You see, Maxwell was a combat journalist with a distaste for killing unless provoked.

After his honorable discharge and excellence in service, Max transferred his skills to the private sector and picked up contracts with the Black Gate Corporation. Max grew as an undercover operative while working for them. As he learned new accents and langauges, he found new ways to use his skills and adapt to new enviroments to aquire the targets he had been sent to dispence with lethal force at the end of a lens.

In his later years, Max turned to his ultimate dream which was space travel. He had made plenty of contacts in many agencies, and was given the go ahead to become a part of the ISS as a Space Photographer. Due to a shift change and crew rotation, Max would have the station to himself for a few days until the new crew would resume normal operations.

Shortly after being deployed to the space station orbiting the earth, a calamity struck the Earth. Max begins to wonder what has happened to humanity and as the module neared the Earth's surface, Max begins to notice that the surface is dark. The normal lights of the majestic cities are gone, he sees nothing but darkness, and no-one to anwsers his calls. Which leads him to desperation that no one remains besides him, alone in his capsule - in orbit around a dying planet.

Nearing the end of the supplies that were given for the mission, Max had to make a tough choice...use the escape shuttle. After crash landing in Livonia, Max found himself in a whole new world of lethal combatants, The Undead. He quickly went to work clearing areas of the infected but the hordes never seemed to stop, nor did the arrival of new threats, human and non human alike. Max knew there was only one way to deal with these threats and keep his sanity in this new world.......start a local radio show!

Check Frequency 91.3 KDED for random show times.