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Guides for the beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced level player
 #6891  by Weyland
 Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:44 am

Hello everyone,

Yesterday evening Prague time, some content creators on Twitch started streaming a modded, publicly available unofficial "offline mode" modification of DayZ 0.63 with the ability to spawn various unfinished assets.

While we do not officially support modding yet, we know that everybody is just super excited to finally try 0.63, and so this time around, we were OK with anyone using that modification and even with people live streaming the gameplay.

It's still unfortunate, as the build available for stress-testing is not yet in a shape that makes it an enjoyable game on its own - and that's why we're not releasing it fully on the Experimental branch - but we don't want to fight this. Quite the contrary - we've just pushed an update to our Stress Test branch on Steam that adds the option to play DayZ 0.63 in an official Offline Testing Mode without running community made modifications. The step by step instructions on how to launch the Offline Mode follow after this message.

We apologize for the confusion the community made offline mode modification created, and we're aware that the situation is less than ideal. We're in contact with the creator of the community modification and he expressed his regret about causing this confusion as well.

We'd like to resolve this situation in a positive way and give everyone the official way to experience the offline gameplay, as ultimately, we just want you to enjoy playing the new version of DayZ, even with all of its current imperfections. Thank you!


How to run the Offline Mode

make sure you're swicthed to the Stress Test branch of DayZ on Steam
    → right click DayZ in your Steam Library
    → click Properties
    → click the Betas tab
    → go all the way down to Enter beta access code to unlock private betas"
    → enter the ireallywanttotest opt-in access code
    → the "stress_test-" is unlocked. Select stress_test- in a drop down menu and let the client files download

    • download DayZ
    • restart Steam
    • right click on DayZ in the Steam library and select "Play DayZ Offline"

What to expect from the official Offline Mode

The offline mode ultimately lets you freely explore the entire Chernarus and all the basic DayZ gameplay features currently available in the 0.63 Stress Test build. Namely, that would be:

    • the new character controller and the new animation system
    • new user actions
    • the infected
    • animals
    • some crafting
    • simple, work in progress loot spawns
    • new gunplay and melee

Of course all of that, you can experience by yourself only. Please bear in mind that this is not the type of gameplay situation that we originally intended for the Stress Test build, and the game may behave in all sorts of weird ways when played offline.

What should you NOT expect from the official Offline Mode

The offline mode does not offer some of the options the community created modification offered. Namely that would be:

    • teleportation
    • free camera mode
    • ability to spawn any items (especially those not properly configured)
    • ability to execute scripting commands

We currently don't want to support these options, mainly because they break the game too much, and also because we still have to figure out how to unlock these options in a secured, reliable way, not by an improvised solution. The main goal is to let everyone experience the new DayZ gameplay, and in that respect, the official Offline Mode should be doing a much better job than any community modifications.

We are, however, still thinking of ways how to provide more options in the offline mode and will update you in case we have some updates.

Thanks and enjoy the offline Chernarus!