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  • US-2 related chat here
US-2 related chat here
 #6631  by Weyland
 Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:36 am

This thread is meant to log the progress of US-2 during times of the whitelist being off. Please share your experience with non-whitelisted players AS A FOCUS. You may also talk about your experiences with whitelisted players for cross-comparison. Thank you in advance for your content!
 #6632  by BigTasty
 Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:17 am
The numbers Sunday night were great round 40 players. We had the typical fun with a large number of whitelisted players, we were able to get pants and a boots from nobody at VMC after a lengthy replay session, video coming soon. ;) The Marshalls found it in thier large, caring hearts to sponser several of us and help fulfill our dream of seeing the ocean.

While on the coast I got to experience many joys, some of which I will tell you about here. I woke up in Elecktro and decided to pay a visit to Skeletor's mechanic shop, upon arrival I find a new spawn attempting to gain entrance ny nefarious means. Unsure of this players identity, I approach and begin to speak and I'm immediately attacked, knocked out, tied up and when I regain consciousness I am beaten again and an attempt to murder me is thwarted my ElWardo stabbing him (Tiny Baby) and his heroic call of "Hey MotherF***er, stop that s**t, don't run!".

I broke loose of my bonds and gave chase only to lose Tiny Baby, all my clothing and shotgun. Sergei who was also now in Elecktro attempted to meet up with ElWardo, Skeletor and I at Skeletor's base and he is attacked on sight by a man wearing my clothes and wielding my double barrell shotgun. As he attempts to escape, they run right to us and Tiny Baby decided to play catch with Skeletor in which he caught several rounds of .45 ammo.

Upon retrieving what is left of my now tattered gear we hear more gun shots coming from the Western Elecktro Apartments. As we go to inspect and attempt roleplay we take shots at a distance, take cover and work our way to the location. We witness two freshspawn having a pistol fight in the parking lot and other freshspawn jumping off the roofs of buildings.

I enter the first apartment building and someone on an upper floor fired a shot, drawing the attention of all the walkers in the area, already a high number do all the gunfire and raining corpses. I get trapped between an armed unknown person and the 10 - 15ish walkers now running up the stairs attacking me. I fight off all the walkers ruining all my clothing.

I make the top floor of the building, as I am clearing rooms I hear someone walking around on the roof, as I enter a room the players body flies past the window in front of me to crash dead on the ground below. Great times.
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 #6634  by BigTasty
 Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:07 pm
Ran into a public player in Elecktro this afternoon by the name Avaint. Seemed like a ok dude. He didn't shoot on sight or kill me when my back was turned, we talked about US2 and whitelisting. He's gonna start the process tonight, he likes the base building aspect of the server. We killed some walkers. I had to log out, so I gave him my gun and he headed north.
 #6635  by ElGato
 Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:21 pm
Hi all,

I am ElGatoOscuro. The dark cat, like the one that sits in front of me on my desk when I play DayZ :/

I woke up in elektro. I crafted a knife and bow and made it through the infected in staroye, guglovo, and finally novy sobor. I decided to check the novy police station for 9 mil as I had a CR75 with an empty magazine. I scoped it out and didn't see any activity. As I approached, a Zed started chasing me. I ran in the back door, he followed, and I put him down with my bow. Close call! As I was moving into the next room and another survivor opened fire on me! I thought he missed, and as I backed off to leave he yelled "sorry man I thought you were a zed!" We chatted a bit and I peaked around the corner to see he lowered his gun. One of his many guns... This guy was prepared - wearing full military gear and a Skeleton face mask. His name was Skeletor. I ended up getting my 9 mil, and he offered to escort me up to the NWAF as I was looking for an AK magazine. We ran into a couple of his friends, nobody and curtis, but I lost them. They were talking about heading to tisy...
 #6638  by BigTasty
 Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:06 am
Thales Toledo wrote:Fresh spawn.

Near Elektro.

A group of 6 or 7 players approach me and says:

"What are you doing, motherfucker?" - and shoot my head. Nice.

I have no weapon, no bag, nothing.

I think i miss the point here.

That is not cool. I was is Elecktro most of the night with a large group of about 12 - 15 people. We had the occasional run in with public players running in groups kos-ing everything and did damage to thier little purge party. Don't let that discourage you, we tried to role play with everyone.
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 #6639  by BigTasty
 Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:20 am
School of hard knocks in Elecktro this evening. Ran into many players, some of which shot at us and logged after they died, so no names for those dudes. I ran into a dude named Peter and learned he is very good at animal impersonations and does a dead on giraffe dying of natural causes. He got the old no pants, no shoes, no problem tour and we talked about whitelisting but someone ruined the party by shooting the place up from the hill. We had big boy work to attend to and sent him on his way. Also ran into StayThirsty, which sounds like my new rap group partner. He ran into a building I was holding down as the Marshalls were trying to enforce some noise violation with thier typical violent overreaction to a victimless crimes but I digress. StayThirsty ran into my building, with a quick "O shit" he turned and ran out the door but came back in after I asked him nicely. People tend to obay friendly prompts when looking down the barrell of a Mosin. He immediately stripped off his clothing and gear like it was an after prom party. He got redressed after I told him it wasn't that kind of party. He was trying to avoid the Marshalls like Rodney King so I sent him straight out of town. I hope he made it.
 #6645  by ASPIRA01
 Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:17 am
I started my journey on the coast, near Berezino. I headed north east. House to house, looking for something to eat and drink. I found many infected on the way, and I had to kill them all. Good thing I found a good ax for that. After traveling for days, I headed west and reached a small town called Pelesovo. It was a great decision to have gone west because I found camps in Petrovka. I do not know what happened in this place, but it seemed that something terrible had happened there. Many tents of survivors scattered around the buildings, but no one was there. What happened to these people? God knows! At least I got some good stuff. That's where I found a bus. After days searching for the missing pieces, I gathered all the necessary parts. I got it all together and left for the north east again. I found a summer camp, or what was left of it. I killed every infected in the area, shoting from above a water tower with my winchester. A great weapon. Easy to handle, simple, reliable and powerful. I planted some seeds, and I see the vegetables sprouting. What a deep satisfaction. I spent some time fixing the place and than it seems that nothing happened in there, that the world is not over. Some survivors passed by my camp. I saw them from a distance. I tried to speak to them from a position where I felt safe, but I got no response. I saw them trying to flank me, so I hid inside a cottage. I waited and waited a little longer. Anything. I went out to look, and I did not find them. Maybe they were more afraid than I was, who knows. After that, nothing else. I'm all alone again. Every day I try to find someone on the radio, but the radio is quieter than the pumpkins. I'll keep trying. Maybe I'll find other survivors, then we can make this a better place.
 #6736  by Glefic
 Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:40 pm
Jun. 19, 2017

This is it, time to try and be a people person try and put your guard down.

Had some leftover steak from last night and some peaches. Think I'll head down to the airfield. Tom and I dug a hole there out back behind the second hanger, and stashed some gear there when we were deployed there. The good old days

Was on the way south picked up on a herd of elk. I tracked them down to Tisy, found what was left of them. Looked like wolf's. I picked up a nice ak47 and almost a full mag 28 with one in the chamber, it felt good to have a real rifle in my hands again. Lunch was good was able to get a good price of meat off one of the elk. Man what luck!!

Man today can't get any better. The gear was still there. The MP-5 with all the fixings 2full mags and 2 half mags a new uniform and bag it all felt like home. Got to move I heard shoots

Grabbed a snack off a tree and took cover as I ate them. Took this chance to see all of what I now own, think I'll trade the AK if that trade post is still around. Well look at that 2 people at the tree you where just at, lol
Well this is the day to meat new people, a man and a woman. I'll see if they are friendly.

Now what happen next will be out off game.
The man and woman where I believe friendly and I hope that they made it out ok.
We start to get a trade too going and I was killed 1 shot killed by a 3rd party. just outside of Vybor north west up the road, the house it happened at had 2 Apple trees. Sorry I can't be more specific.

I enjoyed the time spent on your server and would like to get on your whitelist server. Can this be my application please lol