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 #6551  by Donnie Washmen
 Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:12 am
My forum name is Donnie Washmen, but new IG name is Donnie Reshkov.

This is the first part of:
Donnie Ivanov Reshkov. My name giving to me by my father. 16 years ago I got that name. 4 years ago is when this all started. This living hell I have been going through. Now after my father's disappearance and my moms…. Turning….. I wish there was more that I could have done….. Regardless I have learned to survive. RIght after she turned I was forced out of my home in the town of Rate Now, a bit west of severograd. It was by a group of zeds walking in. No gunshots or fighting, just fear.
Now wander the far north surviving off the land. I have hopes of finding a Communications base rumored to have Equipment to contact the army. After a couple more miles of walking I stopped to take a break and take inventory of what I had,. My dad's rifle, 7 rounds for it. A p1 pistol I found off a dead police officer, which had a mag containing 7 rounds and 1 in the chamber. A couple of bottles holding fresh water, and a few cans of beans. The last of my supplies, my knife which I got when I was 9 years old, my army compass, and the last thing I had from my dad…… a note. It told me he was heading south to try and find a cure for mom. He wrote he was going to ask the esteemed doctors named the “Pinkertons”. They were located at a place called Vybor Trade Post. It was apparently a post set up by survivors set on staying in the mainland. This was a year ago. I have not heard or seen from anyone else since this date.
I pulled out of the trance I was in and began to repack my small possessions into a Backpack I found. I began walking and was almost sure the Comms. Base should only be a couple more kilometers away. I was stumbling along when I heard a stick snap that caught my attention. I looked over and too my surprise I saw a Zed in the middle of the woods. According to my calculations this should be a long way from anything. I decided it would be best to dismiss of it and not wanting to use any of my precious ammunition I used my knife and copied what my dad showed me to do. They are attracted mainly by noise, as the infection whites out their eyes. He said to me “If you're quiet enough you can sneak up behind them and stick’em”. This was a good opportunity to do this with nothing near me in sight. I slowly came up behind it, and stuck the knife into its skull. It dropped like a rock, making a surprising lot of noise in the quiet woods.
I pulled out my knife and looked threw his pockets, and it turned out he had one thing on him, that being a sharpening stone. After a year of rough going on my knife, it could sure use a good sharpening. This is when I looked up and found what I was looking for. There it was, in all its glory. I had found the Communications. Base many rumored to be out here but no one ever proved. It was said the russians used it during the cold war but it was only checked every couple of years according to hearsay, too keep it going with gas and supplies. I came up too the front gate, which was wide open. It would have been years since this place had been used and it sure showed it.
In Between the cracks on the concrete was large amounts of grass and weeds grown tall and proud. It was clear that I was the first person to visit this place in a long time. I moved through the gate, and looked around the compound. It wasn't very large, with the main building being 2 stories, with an antenna up on top of it. It looked like there was a barracks of some sort too the right of me, and the last building being a large storage shed with gas tanks next to it. I could just see the some type of landing pad out back, but had branches in between me and it so I noted it for later. I moved over towards the main building, and took it slow. Back when my dad was with me he told me over and over too watch out for “Traps people set” and I took that too heart. I saw it was a relatively small building with a room too my right and stairs going up. I checked the room too my right, which looked like some sort of break room. It had a couple of cupboards I checked. I found a couple cans of army grade “Tactical Bacon”. I threw them in my pack and continued onward. I headed up the stairs towards what I hoped would be the broadcast room. At the top of the stairs, it turned left and as I headed down that hall I found the room. It was all in order, except one thing. There was a skeleton sitting in the chair. I checked around for anything that could have caused or did this. Then I found the pistol on the ground next to him, and looked in closer at his head. There it was, the bullet hole. Poor guy couldn't take it anymore. I took his body, or what was left of it and moved it out of the chair.
Before the outbreak I took a class in year 9 that showed us how to use older radios and their uses. I turned it on, and it came to life. All the different dials, switches and lights. I was focused on only the 2 that mattered to me. I twisted the Turn knobs to check the proper emergency signals, as listed on the dead man's notepad, and ones I knew from the class. I switched threw the common ones I knew 89.1, 56,8, and 34.9. None of these made anything but static. I continued to the one on the page 101.5. And then It came to life, and a military man began speaking. It sounded like a repeating message, but overjoyed me nonetheless. I listened in on it, and what he said was both great and bad. The military were still doing a monthly civilian transport out of the country, but the bad news came next. In 3 days time, the last helicopter was going out. And then came the slugger, it's in Stary Sobor. This was at least 35 kilometers south of me, and without a proper map on foot I wouldn't make it.
It was just a receiver, so I had no way to tell them I was still here. I had one option and it was too go and see if I could make it. I have heard stories before this happened of all the crime and bad things in the south. I could only imagine bandits and such would have taken over, similarly how they were trying too before it happened. I thought my first action should be too search around the compound. I began looking around the building, finding only a couple of boxes ammo, labeled “7.62x39mm”. I picked them up, as you never know what else you will find. I came out of the building, that being the only thing I found I checked the barracks too my right. When I came in they were in pretty rough shape, but over there was a little bit of salvageable stuff. I found a couple more cans of food, as well as a new canteen, as the one I had now was in rough shape. It looked like something tore that place apart before I got here.
After I saw what little it contained, I moved over the the storage shed too see if I could locate anything else useful. I checked the gas tanks on the side, which were both full. That surprised me as most of them I found were empty. I pulled open the shed door, and found things I couldn't believe. Inside the shed was the holy grail of what I would need to get there in time. It looked untouched, and although the tires needed some air, there was equipment for tire repair scattered next to it. It was a little bit rusty, but after a field check on it it looked pretty clean. It pumped the gas and refilled it with the nearby pump. I went into the second section of the shed after this, and saw something even more interesting. A big military truck. I read on the front plate it was a “V3S”. I noted this and looked around the truck, finding little too nothing near it. I wheeled the Dirt Bike out too the front gate when I remembered that I saw something out back of the main building.
I decided to go and see what was back there out of curiosity, and what I saw left my jaw dropped too the floor. It was a fancy new helicopter just sitting on a helicopter pad. I ran over and looked at this beast of machinery. It was empty except what looked to be a couple guns in back. I pulled open the door, which was rather difficult considering the amount of rust on the hinges. After I got it pulled back I searched thru the “Trunk” you could say of the helicopter, and found a crap ton of guns and ammo AKM’s, MP5’s, and a whole lot of other crap like explosives back there. Although I was tempted to take it, I decided against it. It wouldn't be the best Idea too have that stuff with me. It would weigh me down and probably not look the best in the military’s eyes.
I walked back out front and saw the glow of my saving grace in the sunlight. I thought I myswell look around on it and see if I could find anything. I first looked in the satchel of the dirt bike and found a detailed map, of exactly where I was and were stary sobor was, as well as routes many people I was sure didn’t know about. I began down the path I choose, of which I would stop by a gas station a couple clicks east of my home outside of severograd. I thought it might have some propane canisters, and maybe even a propane heater. I was dying for a warm meal. When I finally hit a actual road, near I city I think was called Troitskoe I decided I was due for a break. My plan was to make it down too severograd by the end of the day, and then move through the gas station and get on the other side of the tracks. These tracks could take you all the way from the far west coast, and if followed long enough down too the most southeastern coast. I hopped off the bike at the outskirt of the city and had a good drink of fresh water from a stream I passed by earlier. This new canteen was much nicer, and didn't leak any water whatsoever. I checked around in some of the houses but too no avail, finding nothing. I road down towards the edge of the city, and began the last stretch of road i wanted to cover for the day. It was a bit rough when I had to go offroad threw a chisel plowed field for awhile, but was a heck of alot better then walking.
Just about 2 hours from sunset I road into the gas station, and turned of my bike. I looked around in the gas station and found nothing, and I went back out to fill up my bike when bullets exploded threw the walls. I Dropped to the ground, and rolled behind the counter. I had the general idea the bullets came out from the west wall, by the gas pumps. I had a second when they stopped and I pulled my pistol from my backpack. I rolled out and crawled from the counter to the back store room. I slipped out the back door and crawled up a dumpster onto the roof. I saw the two shooters. Two men in their early 20’s it looked, and they were going to steal my bike. I saw only one had some type of assault rifle. The other was just holding a knife. Without my bike I wouldn't be able to make it too the dropzone in time. I made the only choice I could, I had to take them out. I lined up on the man with the AR. I knew it only had 8 bullets and I wanted to make them count. I pulled the trigger, one down. The other scrambled but I was able to peg him in the leg. He go knocked down and dropped his knife. I shot him again in the other leg so he wouldn't get away. I hopped down off the roof and came up to him. He didn't ask to be let go…. He just asked for mercy. I wasn't going to hold him away from that, and it was done. I hoped on my bike and began off. If this was an action movie, this was a heck of a shot. I only wonder if I will be able to make it….