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Tell your day-to-day stories here
 #6507  by Dyatlov pass
 Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:16 am
After about three hours of getting together with a friend, we ended up exploring, and meeting a few people along the way. All were friendlies. Everything was going well. Until, I decided to try and climb a ladder in elektro. Haha. We saw some tents placed smartly over top aof a factory, it had covered the entrances, and exits. and a Ladder :D. Well low and behold, i climbed too far up, and there it happens. Game pushes me off the ladder onto the roof, then to the ground. Crater. My friend was a t the bottom of the ladder laughing, when the one fella we had been exploring with, robs him. This is so funny, because we had just begun look for some tincture to cure my friends infected wounds. adn we ran across a Russian fella who had some, but had nothing we could trade for it. Oh the life. :-D