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 #4748  by Weyland
 Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:22 pm
In accordance with the Overseer, our engineers have been hard at work designing a heat-map for our colonists convenience. This heat-map will show colony locations, trading centers, green zones, food banks, survivor camps, as well as wild lands that are dangerous to your health. Please note that trading centers and green zones are colony controlled. The Overseer does not enforce any rules or regulations for the prosperity of these locations.

CLICK this LINK for Full size Heat Map (5720x5720)

Colony Locations
    Colonies of five colonists or more (including alliances) may stake a claim on the land of their choosing, provided that land is claimable as some regions cannot be claimed (green zones and wild lands cannot be claimed).

Territory Dispute/Colony Wars

    Colonies of 5 or more (including alliances) can challenge other colonies for their territory. There is a Challenge Form that must be filled out. Additionally, there is a 7 day grace period (or additional time agreed to by both parties) for the dispute to take place. This means Colony A challenges Colony B and Colony B has 7 days to defend their land before it the land is relinquished to Colony A.

    If the challenge is denied or fought, there is a 2 week cool-down period before another challenge by the same colonies (against each other) can take place.

    A. Owner of town can choose style of combat, weapons, players (who and/or how many).
    B. Owner can choose alternate venue.
    C. Owner can choose alternate leader/hero.
    D. Challenger must make an offering* agreed to by the owner/overseer.
    E. Alliances can be brought in.
    * The offering must be agreeable and nothing too hard to get. The point of this parameter is so the colony being challenged gets something for time spent defending their land.

NOTE: Colonies that claim territories can have a rule set posted here in this thread with visitor parameters. Meaning, maybe you want visitors to have guns holstered and if you have guns out, they will be considered hostile. The rules are managed by the senior colonist of the respective colony. Once A build a web page for this heat map I'll include these rule-sets on the page. For now, use this thread.

War Form: Click this LINK to challenge a colony!

Trading Centers
    Trading centers are colony controlled. This means that the Overseer has no authority over the control of daily operations or the enforcement of rules. Please stay up to date on the policies for the colony that controls these centers.

Green Zones
    Like Trading Centers, Green Zones are colony controlled as well. It is up to those policing the green zones to keep said lands safe. The Overseer will NOT enforce any rules or guidelines for the prosperity of these lands.

Food Banks
    As times get harder and resources become increasingly scarce, keep an eye out for Food Banks for survival.

Survivor Camps
    There are certain survivors that have been chipped for undisclosed reasons. The Overseer has triangulation telemetry on their last known locations. The camp sites will be updated as our engineers access additional location data.

Wild Lands
    Wild Lands are military installations. These regions are dangerous to your health and expect to be murdered there without question. Don't forget, high risk equals high reward so stay frosty in these area's.

    Building alliances can pay dividends and in more ways than one. If you're colony is small or more on the passive than aggressive side, it might be an idea to build an alliance with a stronger or more established colony. Fill out the form below to build an alliance!

Alliance Application: Click this LINK to build an alliance!
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 #4752  by Black Mojo
 Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:30 pm
GlennyBoy wrote:Silly question but how do we know who controls what area?'s silly alright! ;)
 #4753  by Weyland
 Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:44 pm
GlennyBoy wrote:Silly question but how do we know who controls what area?

There is a map key at the bottom right of the heat map. :-)
 #4947  by Caledric
 Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:25 pm
The link to the form an alliance page goes to the war declaration instead. I don't think we want people declaring war on their friends now...
 #6930  by MyDearBrutus
 Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:02 pm
I love the look of the map and the clear information it provides, however after spending almost 4 hours chasing down some of the locations on this map I've realized they aren't relevant in 2018.