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Guides for the beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced level player
 #4191  by Weyland
 Sat Oct 17, 2015 4:16 pm

There are three basic rules to role-play.

  1. Find some colorful hats
  2. Try your new hat on
  3. Use the same hat until you're bored of it or wear a new hat for a new occasion

Role-playing isn't just limited to your boring self so try on something new. Pick a new name, a new voice, a new story and get on with it! Nobody can really see you, they can only hear so, enjoy this new freedom!

Beginners should pick a role ahead of time and have some common responses ready so it flows really well. As you get more advanced, you can pick a role from your catalog and improvise, kind of like a collection of hats.

During my academic years studied a particular language so I have a pretty good accent. Sometimes I'll use a Vincent Price type voice and role-play a weary innkeeper. Other times I'll pick a southern voice from the civil war or a geeky kid voice. I've played a real estate agent set on getting to his next showing as well as a playing toy maker looking for his lost son. I like to improvise and I'm not sure which hat I'll put on until my first exchange.

Be creative, this is the place for it. I would tell you my role names, but I don't want to ruin the fun!

Below are some life-changing videos I watched early in DayZ Standalone. These video's shaped who and how I role-play. I hope this helps give you some idea's to get the most fun out of your experience.

I. TheSAINTGaming does some really funny role-play in this older DayZ video. He plays the role of a psychopath thats dead set on collecting past-due electric bills for the electric company.

II. GoonWeegee does some awesome role-play as celebrity Sylvester Stallone. Love this video!

III. Vectorbunny does some funny videos in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Look at how creative he gets with a simple can opener!

Next episode for him is Street Fashion!

IV. GGSammyZOMG role-plays someone from the Board of Health and Safety in this video. All that they have is a downed plane, some common gear, and a story.