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Introduce youself and learn about what we do here
 #6944  by Bonesaw
 Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:07 pm
Name: Dave C (Bonesaw)
Age: 34
Country: US
Time Zone: EST
Play Style: Survivor

Not sure how to exactly describe my play style other than overly cautious, slow, and most likely to be sniped while caught unaware. Spending an exceeding amount of time clearing a town crouching and stalking around with a hatchet is my cup of tea.

I started playing DayZ back when it was only the mod. Played it heavily for a bit then fell out of favor as I was actively playing other games (most likely my WoW addiction). I played a little bit when SA came out but one too many broken legs and other games still taking precedent I didn't play more than 50 hours until 1.0. Recently I have quit my main game (WoW) ... again, and I have found that while I am not missing the game I am absolutely missing the community that goes along with the game. I've played close to another 120 hours now on SA since 1.0 almost all of which have been on a local server to relearn how to play and dabble with the base building mechanics. Now that I have my feet wet again I hope to enjoy the Colony and have the fun memorable encounters you see in the YouTube videos.