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Introduce youself and learn about what we do here
 #3  by Weyland
 Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:55 pm
Question: What do we do here?
Answer: We build colonies.

Question: What is a colony?
Answer: A colony is a small community of like-minded players. Colonies can be crafted to any play style. E.G.: Bandit, Bounty Hunter, Farmer, Gypsy, Hero, Survivor, Medic, Mercenary, Trader.

Question: How big are these colonies?
Answer: We prefer to keep the colony size to a 5-10 player max. But we are open to suggestion.

Question: How do I join a colony?
Answer: There are applications in the Recruitment Office. Fill it out and one of our Senior Staff will contact you with details.

Question: How do I start my own colony.
Answer: There is an application in the Recruitment Office. Once filled out one of our Senior Staff will contact you for a short interview.

Question: If I join a colony and don't like the Senior Colonist or the other colonists what do I do?
Answer: The policy here is we believe strongly that there is a match for everyone. If you do not like the colony you have been placed in, please PM me or any other Senior Staff for reassignment.

Question: What is the difference between Senior Staff and a Senior Colonist?
Answer. Senior Staff oversee all colonies. Senior Colonist's oversee their respective colony.

Question: Once I join a colony then what?
Answer: The Senior Colonist will give you a short interview to see where your strengths are. If you have any special talent or aspiration, please inform your Senior Colonist during that time as there are many roles to play within a colony.