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  • Server issue or hacker, bases gone more than just mine.

  • US-3 related chat here
US-3 related chat here
 #6715  by gandy
 Tue May 30, 2017 10:37 am
just as the title says, not sure what really happened today on the server but i went on as normal and my bases was fine and two of the barrels i have close to them, a bit later in the day after 2 server restarts ( i think it was 2 ) i went back to my base and it was gone, 3 tents. I then when to check my barrels i have dotted around the map and all of them was gone as well even the ammo box i had stashed 5 or 6 barrles i had have gone in total, i last checked every one last night and they was all there.

Not sure what to make if the issue i restarted my game on the off chance it was a client issue and they was not displaying for me but that did not fix it, ive also noticed other bases have gone as well as i see lots of them about the map on my travels.

My time away from my base i was looking for a V3S Cargo, i did find one but i left it alone as it had stuff in it as i believe someone is trying to fix it up.

kind of stuck on this one if its a server bug or player/hacker despawning everyones bases in a short amount of time. This has happened i believe some time after 10am uk time.

 #6716  by Bufu
 Tue May 30, 2017 11:46 am
Same issue here, was at my camp last night and everything was good and this morning it is all gone. My camp was pretty modest just a couple of barrels, but a lot of time was spent in getting the contents I did have. Followed same steps to see if it was a client issue and it was still all gone. Any updates on this is much appreciated.