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US-3 related chat here
 #6667  by Pointdexter
 Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:17 pm
To be in a comm chat on the walkie talkie make sure they are both on the same channel.
Equip them with a 9V batt. (lol)

and then:

Once a working battery is attached to the WalkieTalkie, the user may select from a variety of frequencies on which to receive and transmit. Frequency selection is done from a pop-up menu when placing the mouse over the walkie in the inventory screen. The walkie must be switched on (from the same menu) and once 'ON' will receive all communications on that channel provided that it is within signal range (range is not unlimited).

Transmission is done by switching chat channels by pressing the . (default) key. This will switch between 'Direct Communications' and the selected radio frequency. The user may then type in chat or use VOIP to communicate with anyone listening to the channel that is within range. Any VOIP communication will have a distinct squelch sound signifying that the sound is coming from the walkie.

NOTE: - Communicating via walkie DOES NOT disable Direct Communications. It functions as Direct Communications would except it does it remotely. Meaning nearby players can hear any communications received over the walkie and anything said or typed by the transmitter can be 'heard' by nearby players as well. If the walkie is left on the ground, anyone nearby can hear it