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  • US-3 related chat here
US-3 related chat here
 #7036  by Weyland

Looting, trading, and the value of goods can get stale when the marketplace is flooded or imbalanced. We're very interested in how players trade, formally as well as amongst themselves. Having boots on the ground in monitoring and assisting Pinkerton Trading Co, we've learned a lot about the finer points of trading goods. The new direction we're taking on US-3 begins with a dynamic economy, flexible marketplace, and a currency everyone can be familiar with.

We don't want the experience to be slow or complex so US-3 is taking a different approach with a simplified currency, the Russian Ruble. Supply and demand will make certain items worth more than others so make sure and ask trading post staff what has the most value.
  • Rubles do not spawn in Chernarus and are only available at Vybor Trading Post...
We're very excited to say that Vybor Trading Post has made a very large purchase order from our Black Market Wholesaler, Vadim. The showroom is now fully stocked with the rarest of weapon systems, some of which have never before been seen on US-3.
  • Viewings are by appointment only and what’s on the showroom floor is not always guaranteed to be in stock. What you see is what you get, literally...
With limited supplies I would get down to Vybor Trading Post as soon as possible. Make some trades, build up your Rubles, and secure that one-of-a-kind weapon before it's out of stock! There are no plans for a catalogue at this time so the best thing to do is pay the trading post a visit to see what's hot and what's not.

Vybor Trading Post has some new and innovative idea's regarding personal storage, specials, insurance, farmers market, casino, and weekly sales but you're going to have to ask Tim about that.