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US-2 related chat here
 #7002  by Weyland
 Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:22 pm
DayZ Colony has reinvented the wheel with our new Enhanced Format. We've taken what we don't like about hardcore and replaced it with improved systems!

Previously, DayZ Colony redefined the PvE experience with our No-Kill vision on US-3. Since that time we've seen countless servers using this model. Now we're doing the same with US-2. Full description below...

DayZ Colony US-2 is an organic role-play experience with enhanced survival elements.

The format is in 3rd Person Perspective and while KOS is completely legal, interaction is not only encouraged, but it's going to be necessary for your survival.

We have several custom locations throughout the map and the mods we're using are to enhance your survival experience. Our engineers are completely aware of what's fun and whats not so don't expect to grind or anything too difficult.


Night Cycle
We have a very small night cycle, roughly 25-30 minutes. We know it gets dark so we've tailored the time to an acceptable duration. NVG's as well as other night lighting accommodations aren't hard to find.

Buffed Base Protection
Our engineers feel the time it takes to break down walls or cut off locks is far too short. We've increased the times for thieves to break into your base exponentially.

Enhanced Base Fortifications
Fortify your base or set up road blocks with a variety of craftable reinforcements. Jersey barriers, dragon teeth, hedgehogs, Hesco Barriers (stackable!), sandbag structures (reinforce your watchtowers or land-based).

Black Market
From time to time our Black Market will be open at the old Bardak Vodka Factory at Vybor Industrial. Rare, exotic, and one-of-a-kind items can be found there. Ask for Vadim, tell him Weyland sent you. :-D

Gasoline can only be found in small quantities between 5%-15 % in each canister. Due to power outages, you cannot refill at fuel stations.

Only wild animals exist, no domestic fare so you'll have to go in the woods. If you are lucky you will see two animals together, but most of the time - only one.

Romashka Resort
Head over to the Romashka Resort for an evening of entertainment, drinking, chess, or to rest your head in a safe place.

Pinkerton Trading Co.
Come down to Vybor Industrial to make a trade with one of our live traders! They provide a variety of services including custom leather-working from our lovely seamstress Maria.

Wolves are many and dangerous. Their meat is not good for eating so you will not get any meat from skinning.

It's been several years since the outbreak of infection so canned food is rare. It can't be found in zombies inventory. You have to search house by house.

There are frequent airdrops of mostly food and medicine. The occasional drop of weapons can be found at scheduled locations. You will get notifications as well as see red smoke of the exact location. Beware of an infected presence.

Raw Meat
Eating raw meat will make you vomit, it must be cooked before consumed.

Wells are working near the spawn points only, inland you'll have to improvise and find other sources of water. Don't panic if you get sick (it's not that bad), plus there are pills for that.

Base Building
Nails and required tools are easier to find.

Vehicle Maintenance
You need a charged battery to start the engine and it will discharge with each start attempt. Remember that lights will also drain your car battery and if you are traveling for short distances you may consider using a battery charger.

  • Engine can start if your battery charge level is at least 30%. If battery is not powerful enough to start the engine, at least you can still use the battery in some base radio or for spot light until you will recharge it. Below that level, even unsuccessful attempts to start engine will still drain battery even more.
  • Car lights can be turned on if your battery is not empty (yes, obviously, but it was not the case in vanilla game)
  • While engine is running it will recharge the battery depending on your RPM. At idle RPM, alternator will only maintain your lights on without any surplus power to charge the battery.
  • A damaged and repaired battery will have a considerable reduced max capacity, but at least you may still use it until you find a pristine one.
  • Batteries that you find in the world will never be fully charged, just to be aware of.
  • Battery charger will fully charge your battery a lot quicker than car alternator.

If you clear a small village from infected and you don't leave that area (250 m radius), it will remain cleared. You can camp there, no new zombies respawn.

Biohazard Zones
Biohazard zones will cause you to lose health, and die within minutes if you enter unprotected. A skull icon on the bottom right of your screen is your indication that you have been exposed to the pathogen. Equipping Nuclear Biological Chemical suits (NBC) will aid you in surviving longer in this zone, even partial protection will enable you to survive for longer periods. E.g. 90% protection will give you approximately 45 minutes of survival time. However, you will need to manage your exposure wisely to prevent toxin buildup.

NBC suit protection configuration: Hood 15%, Gas mask 35%, Jacket 20%, Gloves 5%, Pants 20%, Boots 5%.

Note: You cannot eat or drink with a gas mask on, you must remove this item to consume food/fluids and doing so while in the biohazard zone will expose you to a high pathogen dose.


Zombies Are Infectious
If a zombie hits you and causes bleeding, there is a chance of getting infected with Salmonella disease.

Detailed Medical Report
Using a blood test will print an screen detailed medical report about your immunity level and current agents present in your body. The severity of disease is based on the analysis: from 0 to 1000 where 0 means you didn't contact that specific agent (disease).

You will get tired in about 3 and a half hours. When 'rest' level is below 15% you'll start to get tired. You'll hear a yawn and your screen will blink. If you dont lie down (vie emote wheel) you'll have random episodes of unconsciousness.

If you are sleeping with no heat source nearby, then you can only recover 50% rest. If you do have a fireplace, but you are sleeping in daylight, you can get only 75% rest. At night with fireplace you will get fully rested. Sleeping won't take long (approx 4-5 minutes from 0 to 100%) if you sleep uninterrupted.

Note that rest gain is increased proportional to how long you have been sleeping. So 30 secs sleep will mean almost nothing, you will have to dedicate few minutes to take a considerable rest. When tired (below 50%) and you sleep with no heat source you can contact influenza also.

Everything is to encourage you to plan to camp from time to time. You can use energizing drinks / coffee to boost your rest level.

Broken Legs
Fracture of leg bones can happen when falling from the height or taking damage from heavy melee attacks to the legs, high caliber bullets, explosions or bear traps.

  • Symptoms: Unable to sprint and falling prone very often.
  • Treatment: bones will heal by themselves in about 15 minutes. Injecting Morphine will prevent going prone and allow normal walking for 1 minute. Crafting and applying a splint will also allow walking normally for longer time until the bones are completely healed. However there is no treatment that will allow full sprinting with fracture.

Using Epinephrine for sprinting will take 15% from your rest level.

Alcoholic Drinks
Getting drunk will induce the traditional symptoms: blurry vision and a positive effect - not feeling the pain, player can walk/run faster when injured same as pain killers but with longer effect. If you continue to drink more, symptoms are laughter and finally for high alcohol level, you can fall unconscious.

Maybe some people are unaware of the fact that infected player (with Cholera, Salmonella or Flu) will contaminate bottle/container from which he drinks even if bottle remains empty. You can put then drinkable water, still not good, that container is contaminated and will infect anyone who drinks from it. Same is with food or meat if you share between players. Using purification tables will remove all agents, disinfectant alcohol will remove all except salmonella. Also boiling will remove them all.

Even antibiotics can be contaminated with agents from previous player who used them.

Especially for players who live in same base, quarantine must be treated with maximum seriousness. Disinfect all containers after you are sure that everybody has fully recovered and no one is still sick.

Evolving Diseases
Cholera and Salmonella will start with non-noticeable effects and will evolve to really severe degree's that can cause death.

You can get infected by drinking from ponds or with bloody hands.

  • Symptoms: Vomit depending on how much you eat, only your stomach is emptied, no dehydration. In late stage of disease, chance to vomit is increased.
  • Treatment: Antibiotics, eat in very small quantities.

You can get infected from eating raw meat or from infected hits if they cause bleeding and if your immunity level is below High (High is achieved when your body is fully hydrated, energized, blood full and full health).

  • Symptoms: Vomit from time to time even if you don't eat anything plus body dehydration. In late stage of disease, vomit happens so often and dehydration is becoming a threat to your life.
  • Treatment: Is your immune system, keep it on high. If that's not possible or you are in bad shape already you need vitamins to boost immunity. Saline Bag if administrated will prevent further dehydration when you vomit and hydrate you as well. Charcoal Tablets will also cure it. Antibiotics have no effect.

You get common cold if your body temperature comfort is below normal for 20 minutes. Any interruption, meaning reaching normal temperature will reset timer. Another way to contact is sleeping without heat source (fireplace). This is highly contagious, sneezing will infect other players around you.

  • Symptoms: Sneezing. In this mod, it will evolve to influenza slower, symptoms: cough and fever (blurred vision and constant water loss).
  • Treatment: Antibiotics, your immune system if it's high or vitamins. Masks to prevent the spreading.

Hemolytic Reaction
It happens after transfusion due to blood type incompatibility.

  • Symptoms: Blood level will decrease by considerable amount in time, as well the overall health.
  • Treatment: If you were healthy enough and good blood levels you can survive by doing nothing, but also you can't pass the 80% blood level critical point. Using saline bags will counter act the blood and health loss and as you keep blood level above 80, the incompatible transfusion turns into helpful one, you will recover 100%.

Wound Infection
If you have a bleeding wound from zombie, bullets or any other bleeding source, then using normal rags can cause wound infection (50% chance - configurable).

  • Symptoms: Fever (blurred vision and constant water loss)
    Treatment: Antibiotics or prevent infection by cleaning rags with alcohol or use sterile bandages.
  • Cautions: Wound infection agent is more resistant to antibiotics than any other agent. More pills are needed with precise timing, after effect of previous one is gone, take the next one.

Blood Infections
If you lose blood but your level does not drop below 80%, your body will regenerate blood by itself. Once the level was below 80%, your body will regenerate blood only to the limit of 80%. You will never recover by yourself, you need blood transfusion to pass this point. Once the level is above 80% it will reach 100% in time. Note that at 50% you are dead.

Radiation Sickness

Radiation sickness is a direct result of been improperly equipped during your stay in Biohazard Zones. You'll see a skull & crossbones icon on the bottom right of your screen when radiation damage is being taken.

  • Symptoms: Vomiting blood with increasing severity until death.
  • Treatment: Leaving the zone will stop the build up of the pathogen, which will then start to subside without taking any further action. However you will continue to vomit blood until your toxin level has reached 0. While the effects of the pathogen will halt and start to subside once out of the zone, it may take up to an hour for the effects to be clear of the body and you will likely need to utilize blood transfusions and saline to survive during this time. The pathogen is not contagious, and there is no requirement for quarantine.

Mod List
Base Fortifications

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DZSA Launcher
We highly suggest using the DZSA Launcher as it does the work for you. You can download it here: