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Describe your in-game persona
 #6849  by BlitzSoldat28
 Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:48 pm
Name: Freddy Eikhof
Known alias: Freddy
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Special Skills: Hunting, Farming, Military skills


Freddy Eikhof i s member id the U.S. Armed Forces (U.S. Marines). Born in Atlanta, Georgia, to a military family. His father was a member of the Marines as well as his grandfather. Throughout his training he became very familiar with many different weapons. He became a master in weaponry.

Freddy and his friends decided to take a trip to Chernarus while the group was on leave for a couple weeks. They took a trip to visit the legendary city of Berenzino, but while there the zombie outbreak occurred. Berenzino being a the big city that it was, was quickly over run with the infected. While amoungst swarms of survivors and infected the group was split up and never saw each other again. The only thing to do was to leave the city and try to survive the best I could. Hopefully make it to a safe zone or a colony and meet up with my squad mates. I will travel about helping anyone that may have the same quest as I or just needs help surviving. Putting my military training and tactics to use as I roam at the waste land of Chernarus.