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Describe your in-game persona
 #6527  by hock305
 Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:49 am
ImageName: David Zerr
Known alias: "DZ"
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Special Skills: Proficient in small arms repair, Expert marksman, Survivalist, Independent but has the ability to work well with small teams, Loyal, Honest, and Committed.

Bio: Observant and methodical in the application of his tactics. David is quiet and reserved until provoked into violence. David will never start a fight but if one is brought to him he will fight until his least breath to defend himself or others. David is a Jack of all trades and relies heavily on his 12 years of military service in the United States Marines where he was honorably discharged after suffering the loss of his left leg in an IED explosion outside of Fallujah Iraq. David was a Sergeant in the 3rd Recon Battalion where he was assigned to a Deep Reconnaissance Platoon or DRP. David joined the Marines at the age of 18 and after sustaining his injury and being medically retired from the military David found work as a government contractor conducting anti piracy operations around the world. It was while David was on such a deployment that the outbreak began. David was aboard a commercial cargo ship owned by ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. which was delivering its normal cargo of food and textiles to the city of Svetlojarsk. The crew of the ship had no idea what was about to greet them when they arrived. It was early in the morning with the heavy fog rolling in. The ship was unable to locate the lighthouse or make radio contact with the harbormaster. After several hours of searching along the coast and rapidly approaching storms building the captain made the fateful decision to attempt to guide the ship in by visual navigation. The ship slowly drifted towards the shore when it suddenly struck ground near Rifty. The ship suffered severe damage and was now stuck on the rocks just off the shore. The ship was not completely lost at this point and some of the crew went ashore to observe the damage. This was the last time anyone saw them alive. One by one members of the crew were sent to look for the others who had not returned. The storm now in full force began to rock the ship and it began to separate. Realizing that there was no saving the ship and fearing for the lives of his remaining men the captain ordered the crew off the ship under the protection of David and his team. Once off the ship David came face to face with the horror that had become the new world. David and his team were immediately attacked by the undead who were attracted by the noise of the ship breaking apart. David and his team fought to save the crew but the undead were relentless. David was knocked into the water after the fuel leaking from the ship caught fire and a massive explosion knocked him unconscious. The next morning David woke up on the shore of a place he had never set foot in a land where the people don't speak his language and all he had remaining of his previous life were the clothes on his back. David was cold, tired, hungry and disoriented. Months have now passed and David has managed to survive thus far, however after seeing this new world he isn't so sure that is a good thing. David is cautious and doesn't approach others often as he has seen what humanity has become. Is it worth fighting for? Is there anything to fight for? What will happen next? Only time will tell....
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