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Describe your in-game persona
 #6524  by Bittercup
 Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:38 pm
Name: Bittercup
Known Alias: Bitter
Special Skills: Survivalist, Marksman, Blademaster, Expert Spearman, Gunsmith, Armorer, Trader, Mercenary


Bittercup awoke in the Colonies after travelling here through a rift from an alternate dimension. Here he met a woman named Lanfear, and they fell in love, married, and settled in the Oldfield's castle.


Previous Careers: "1st Ranger" of Bittercup's Rangers in an alternate dimension (part of that pure literary genius I was talking about... more to come.)

Pre-Apocalypse Education:
Bachelor's Degree in Business, also trained in computers and electronics.

Post-Apocalypse Education:Survivalist. Marksman. Backyard Mechanic. Armorer. Gunsmith. Leader.

Build:Slightly athletic


Known Accouterments: Aviator sunglasses. Green head-wear. Usually a Gorka or Ballistic Helmet. Possibly a Cowboy Hat or other piece of head-wear. Normally wears the standard uniform of his faction, which is the Paut Rev Gorka uniform. Wears a vest that is green, or a ballistic plate carrier if available. Might also wear a tan or khaki M65 jacket, beige balAclava, beige working gloves, brown or beige boots.
 #6584  by Bittercup
 Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:52 pm
Developments since arriving in the Colonies...

For the first month, Bittercup acquired intelligence. He began to have some idea of who the major forces were in the land. He scavenged for the PTC after being contracted by Cheesypoofninja, but did not collect much for the PTC. Instead of collecting for the PTC, he began hoarding the munitions and weapons that he found. He began finding parts, and assembling quality hardware from the junk scavanged from the various military installations and camps throughout South Zagoria.

Shortly after this, he established a home with Lanfear at Old Fields Castle. It was known for a very short time as "Bittercup's Tower." After that base became knowledge amongst the local inhabitants, there were many thefts.

Bittercup took note, and began assembling forces to try and defend his keep in exchange for settling on his lands. The tent city outside of the keep flourished for a time, but as time went on it became evident that as more people settled at the derelict ruin of a castle, the more outsiders were attracted to reap the spoils that those who settled there had scavenged and made.

Bittercup decided that they would band together as a new mercenary force in Chernarus, and that they would call themselves the Defenders of the Stone. He gathered old friend's that had appeared in the Colonies after Bittercup: [BKGG]Reaper, [BKGG]Lonebrow, and CactusJab. Then known as Mack, another who had travelled the rift that ultimately landed this group in the Colonies, decided to go his separate path and not join the new mercenary group.

The Defenders of the Stone... The ideal was the brainchild of Bittercup. It would be an organization to bring about the legal representation that was abundant from cultures prior to the fall. "The Stone" is actually a set of two stones; the "Stone of Purity" and the "Stone of Pestilence." Upon the Stone of Purity, basic human rights were carved that Bittercup believed all survivor's of the fall were entitled to. Upon the Stone of Pestilence, restrictions were placed upon entities that govern groups, ultimately with the ideal that new governments WOULD form at some point beyond the fall, in a capacity beyond the very basic colonial hierarchies that were present in Chernarus at the time, none of which had the strength to enforce their will supremely upon the land or the people under their care, and at the time it seemed were fragmented enough to be unable to maintain even the most basic law and order in the land. Bittercup met a local named Jean-Paul Marat, who while was not a capable fighter was very well-spoken and appeared to be sound of mind and high intellect. Bittercup decided that the Defenders would have three tiers of government to insure that the law would remain balanced. A military branch lead by a "Lord-Paladin of the Scales." A legislative branch lead by a well-spoken civilian leader, and finally a judicial branch lead by a judge. Bittercup appointed Jean-Paul Marat to be a Statesmen for the Defenders of the Stone to serve as the legislative leader, and he appointed his wife as "Lady of Justice and Judgement" to lead as the judiciary for the Defenders. While each of these members in their own capacity was a "supreme" leader of the faction, Bittercup maintained control of the military in his position; making him the TRUE supreme leader. Bittercup sought out the Minutemen, and allied his new faction with theirs. He believed they would be a powerful ally if war were to come.

The Defenders surveyed many locations within South Zagoria, but ultimately decided to place their new stronghold at Gorka at the suggestion of [BKGG]Reaper. [BKGG]Reaper and [BKGG]Longbrow were given the title "Knight of the Green Rifle" and promoted to commanders within the Defenders. Their duty was to hold Gorka. They chose the watertower complex, north of the police station. The Defenders began recruiting new members from the local population. During this time, local recruit Chase was promoted to commander within the faction and became a Ranger. CactusJab was also promoted to First Ranger, and became the leader commander for those corps. Bittercup and Lanfear remained at Old Fields for a short while until the tower was over-run and ransacked of any valuables, after which they also moved to Gorka. It was at this time that things seemed to take a turn for the worse.

The first known scouts to witness Defender engineering operations within Gorka were members of the outlaw faction, the oZ. It is believed these initial scouts were the member's oZ.DangerClose and oZ.Wardo. A young local recruit was present at the base at that time, newly commissioned officer Damien. He showed an aptitude for base-building, and for that reason was promoted to be the commander of the then formed Engineering Corp for the Defenders of the Stone, a separate non-combat branch to the Defenders to complement it's combat corp of Troopers and it's reconnaissance corp of Rangers. While on a surveying mission for more base-building supplies, local recruit Damien was killed in action west of Altar. It is believed that oZ.DangerClose was the culprit.

Bittercup was distraught at the loss of the young, and newly commissioned recruit. A little emporer on his throne, given a false sense of superiority by what he believed was becoming a superior military force in the region, issued a public statement to all of the Colonies in Chernarus. In this statement he declared that he would require that the culprit to submit himself for a trial to be held at the headquarters in Gorka. The culprit was immediately named by his own organization, and later on oZ.DangerClose himself admitted to taking the life of Damien. Many statements were issued back and forth between these two factions, ultimately ending with the declaration from Bittercup that Defender forces were open to engage oZ at their own discretion.

Tensions rose when a Defender supply mission opened fire on the oZ at Grishino. It was unknown at that time that the medic Moonagatha had been taken captive by the oZ members at Grishino, but the Defender's lost the second Engineering officer in that skirmish. Bittercup became outraged and issued another public statement demanding that two members of the oZ submit themselves for punishment, even if they were not the culprits responsible for what he considered murder of his own troops. The oZ disagreed with this assessment, and believed that Bittercup had overplayed his hand when commanding the members of his forces to open fire on them at will. This was misconstrued by the officers under Bittercup's command, but either way Defender forces began taking hostile action against the oZ and earned their ire.

Commander [BKGG]Reaper may have seen the writing on the wall, and he urged Bittercup to abandon his attempt to bring any members of the oZ to justice for the murder of Defender troops. "The Defender's are mercenaries, Bittercup," he said repeatedly, "we don't kill people unless we get paid. The risk of death is part of the job. You need to let this one GO." Unconvinced, Bittercup reluctantly agreed but did not start making efforts toward peace with the oZ.

[BKGG]Reaper became frustrated with Bittercup, and took it upon himself to make peace with the oZ. While Bittercup, Lanfear, and Jean-Paul Marat were away from Gorka he commanded the bulk of the Defender military forces to bunker down in the Gorka complex and prepare to defend the compound against a hostile force. Himself and Ranger Scout Ares went mostly unarmed to Devil's Castle to parlay with the leadership of the oZ. The party, mostly consisting of oZ, ascended to one of the tower roof's at Devil's Castle. After a brief conversation wherein [BKGG]Reaper attempted to explain the actions of the Defenders and make peace with the oZ, Ares was executed by a gunshot to the face and [BKGG]Reaper was shot in the head. His ballistic helmet saved his life, and the oZ bandaged him and brought him back to consciousness. Stripped of his clothing, [BKGG]Reaper was lead in handcuffs lower into the tower where the parlay was held. Members of the oZ then executed him by hacking him to death with swords.

While the soldiers sent to parlay with the oZ at Devil's Castle died, there was a simultaneous assault underway at Gorka. The oZ forces in Gorka, lead by Donnie Reshkov, managed to kill most Defenders in the first assault. The poorly trained troops lacked an officer to organize their defense. The coordinated grenade bombardment committed by oZ forces decimated everyone that was defending the military camp established at the newly claimed capitol of Gorka.

News of the assault quickly spread. Levies from the coast began to rush toward Gorka. They were slaughtered before they could engage in the battle. News of the military blunder became common knowledge within the Colonies, and those who were once loyal to the Defenders began to shed their uniforms and dissappear into the local populace. Only those who were truly dedicated to the laws inscribed upon the Stone remained, but had been driven underground. During this engagement, Minutemen forces did not arrive to help in Gorka's defense.

Bittercup returned to Gorka with his wife and Jean-Paul Marat after the massacre. What remained of the camp was a ruin. The fortifications ripped down, the cowshed that had been their primary armory open and looted. Jean-Paul Marat was utterly distraught for providing contacts who claimed to be "agents of chaos" and intelligence regarding the oZ. The chaos had come, and the Defenders were destroyed by it. While publicly exiling Jean-Paul Marat from the Defenders and disbanding the legislature, the agreement between Jean-Paul and Bittercup resulted in a friendly parting. The decree had been to "save Jean-Paul's face" within the Colonies. In reality, the burden of guilt fell heavy on Jean-Paul and Bittercup saw fit to release him from service to try and find peace from the destruction that he had witnessed.

Bittercup and Lanfear gathered what little that remained of actual value. His forces, some of which were friends, had all abandoned him save for a handful. Those who remained were all strangers when Bittercup first met them, but they were the only true believers of the Stone. While oZ forces were not watching, the remnants of the Defenders secreted away in exile from Gorka. The remains of the Defender stronghold may still exist in Gorka today, but the survivors in this land are a resourceful bunch and will claim what is unclaimed.

Bittercup became more bitter, if that was possible. He began acquiring better camoflauge and weapons for long-distance extermination. He abandoned the idea of strongholds and standing armies, and embraced the idea of guerilla warfare. He disbanded the Trooper and Engineering corps of the Defenders, and embraced only the Ranger philosophy of stealth and foraging. Now... he waits to take vengeance upon those who murdered his followers, and hopes to attract stronger warriors to his cause.