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Describe your in-game persona
 #5592  by FlyingSquirrel42
 Sat May 21, 2016 10:54 pm
Name: Jared Zanek
Known alias: N/A
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Special Skills: Scavenging, note-taking, conspiracy theories


For years, I have been convinced that there is more to the world than we've been told. What began as an idle curiosity about a few strange or seemingly unexplained events gradually became a conviction that secret societies, collusion among government and corporate figures, and esoteric knowledge had shaped human history in ways that few could even imagine, all under the banner of an organization that I and other investigators came to call the Illuminati. I called it a healthy skepticism of the official version of history; others called it an obsession with conspiracy theories.

My latest investigation into these hidden truths led me to the city of Zelenogorsk in Chernarus. According to my research, leaders of a secretive offshoot of the Knights Templar had met there in 1935 with former business leaders looking to smuggle their wealth out of the reach of the Soviet regime. Supposedly, an anti-Soviet underground had managed to elude the authorities during 1930s Chernarus and had left behind considerable historical records. The information I'd gathered suggested that the underground's records might include an account of the Templar meeting and that an alchemy expert who attended the meeting was the grandfather of an individual involved in secretive zero-point energy research.

Unfortunately, given the recent civil war, it seems that many Chernarussians are a bit on edge about foreigners coming around asking strange questions, and between that and translation difficulties, the archivist at the main library thought I was literally delusional and ended up calling the police on me, who subsequently sent me to the mental health ward of Chernogorsk's hospital. Staff shortages meant that the doctors were unable to meet with me in person very often, and my attempts to explain what had happened were interpreted as further evidence of delusional thinking. To make matters worse, after a week or so at the hospital, rumors began to spread about a strange disease that was causing the dead to "reanimate" as bloodthirsty mindless monsters. I didn't believe them at first, thinking that the increasingly high number of emergencies at the hospital was perhaps due to renewed political violence, or even an Illuminati-funded effort to distract people from a hidden agenda with a wave of crime and disorder.

Then one morning I awoke to the sound of Dr. Vlasteyin barring the doors to the psychiatric ward from inside, breathlessly telling us that the hospital was overrun by the undead and only he had escaped the massacre. Unable to trust me and the other patients to stay quiet, he gave us each a heavy sedative, hoping that the zombies, confronted with silence throughout the building, would move on. When I next woke up, I don't know how many hours or perhaps even days later, the hospital was deserted - no sign of Dr. Vlasteyin, the other patients, or the zombies.

And so now I find myself wandering what's left of Chernarus - with passage out of the country impossible for the moment and news from the rest of the world seemingly nonexistent, I've been forced to survive with only the resources I can scavenge from the mostly abandoned cities and towns. Meanwhile, I remain as convinced as ever that Chernarus must have been a key location in the tangled web of the world's secret history and that this outbreak is just the latest chapter in that history. As I wander from place to place, helping other survivors while taking care to avoid Illuminati spies, I seek answers to the questions that have driven me for years now. What secretive plots have shaped our world from just beyond our glimpse? Who are the people responsible? What do they plan for our future? And what can I do to make the truth known?
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