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Describe your in-game persona
 #5578  by mkiker
 Sat May 14, 2016 8:18 pm
General Information:
Name: Mike
Known Alias: "Spike" is what everyone calls me
Age: 31
Special Skills: Scavenging, Survival

I my life before the breakout I was an NTSB investigator based in Dallas Texas. I came to Chernoarus to lend a hand in investigating the plane crash in the international Hotel in Chernogorsk.

My trip started when I woke up at home. I was finishing packing and I had the TV on, I kept hearing about some type of outbreak in Russia. I thought about calling my boss and saying I am not going. However I wanted to help the families of the victims find out what happened with the flight. I also figured it was a nothing outbreak and the media was blowing it up like they normally do, plus I had all my shots so I should be good.

I made it through the custom's line in London, and found the guy who was going to transport my to the militarily charter flight to Chernoarus. The C-130 lifted off from London with quite a few NATO officers onboard. After a uneventful flight we landed at what I found out later to be called the Northwest Airfield.

I was escorted to a UAZ, on the drive to Chernogorsk I noticed alot of screaming and fighting. I asked the driver what was going on, he did not reply. We made it to the International Hotel where I spent the next few hours going over information they had on the crash (all the while hearing gunshots going off in the distance).

I was then rushed to a house in Prigorodki where I was told to stay inside and not come out. A guard was posted outside, lets say he did not last the night. I saw him turn and knew a zombie outbreak had happened. I was quiet enough for him to not know I was there, and he left. I decided to wait it out for a few days.

After staying in the cabin for a week or so I had to leave to find food and water.

I have only come across one non turned person since then, lucky he did not try and kill me, we chatted for a few minutes and went our own way.

Since then I have been living in the woods, working on gardening for food, and trying to find animals to hunt. I try and stay out of cities only going to small towns when supplies are needed.

I would like to find some other like minded survivors to help hunt with and get supplies. Safety in numbers right?