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Describe your in-game persona
 #4702  by KrakenZombie
 Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:49 pm
Kraken hasp referred to be called by his radio sign since his team's Heli went down over Chernarus. Another one of the recon team, Davis, survived the crash and they made their way to a local town to seek help only to find it abandoned, both weak and in need of recuperation. Davis didn't last through the night and so it was just Kraken left in a world out to kill him so he did what he did best. He took to his training and survived the land scavenging on what he could to get his health back.

After time his health came back and he was able to roam and attempt to find other survivors, hoping to find someone to group with to insure survival. They might not be Frogmen but another man on your team is better than no men. He soon found out that other survivors weren't as willing to form bonds as he was initially, which he soon realized would be near impossible to find a like minded individual. Survival in numbers. After spending enough time in the woods he learned to live off of this foreign land and take in their... stout beers which were tasty when he ever got one.

After maintaining himself for a while, he decied to be a nomad and roam around as much as possible and see if there were better areas to scavenge, and there were but they were all taken. People had already formed their own parties and militias but it just looked like a bunch of untrained hoodlums running around in scarves and bandanas. It was the fucking dessert all over again. Except cold and hilly. By watching the towns and the people he noticed they would take trips into the North where he discovered an airbase. Finally, home, or at least something close to it.

"Well, time to put the boots back on."

With no friends or family left, he deciced to move into the private sector. These idiots needed proper protection. Someone who really knew how to "reach and and touch" someone. With a bullet, of course.

Weapon for hire. You want someone to drop? You need something safely guarded for transportation? A contract is a contract and a Frogman never goes back on his word.