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Describe your in-game persona
 #4675  by SimonEp3
 Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:42 am
Name: Castor
Known alias: White Chocolate
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Special Skills: Hunting (people and/or animals), procrastinating, survival, shenanigans


Castor is a 36 year old bachelor, who served several combat tours in the military. After returning from the war and dealing with the death of a close family member due to the outbreak, Castor felt distanced from the remaining members of humanity. He decided to take to the wild alone and do what he had to survive. Occasionally he runs across other survivors and tries to help in whatever little way he can, like sharing food, or if feeling particularly silly, donating a canteen full of diesel fuel to an unsuspecting, yet thirsty survivor.

Castor currently lives out his days wandering around Chernarus scrounging whatever supplies he can, which these days seems to be a LOT of baked beans. He prefers not to stick around in one spot for too long, as getting too comfortable and establishing any sort of pattern can be used as a weapon by any potential enemies. He occasionally likes to retreat to a quiet, deserted fishing village to the East of Guba Bay and wander around in the nude letting the cool ocean air revitalize his senses.

Castor sometimes thinks of settling down with one or more like minded survivors and opening up an apocalyptic brew pub in Guba Bay. The brew pub would be a place all weary survivors could kick back, have a brew and some beans (tactical bacon or peaches when available), and rest for the next leg of their journey. Anyone who showed signs of violence would find themselves with a shotgun slug to the pelvic girdle. Head-shots are for amateurs, you take a shot to the pelvic girdle you are going to be in excruciating pain for the last few minutes before you bleed out. So don't start shit in Castor's apocalyptic brew pub...