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 #4318  by Newman
 Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:28 pm
General Information:
Name: Tyler Dexter Newman
Known Alias: “Newman”
Age: 33
Special Skills: Scavenging, Survival, Shooting
Previous Careers: Farmhand, Coalminer, Hunter, Pillbilly
Education: High School Dropout

Overall: Average
Height: 6'0”
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Bio: (Must be read with a country accent.)

It's amazing how things change. One day you're nothin' more than a washed up farmhand gettin' high off oxy. Next day you're a bonified hero blowing them zombies sky high. And the next? Held up at gunpoint while some desperate kid steals the pants off your ass. Truth be told my life could be worse... I could still be payin' childsupport on kids that ain't even mine. Could still be worried 'bout my car being repo'd or my landlord evictin' my ass. Could still worry 'bout if the Wildcats will win FINALLY get to a bowl this year. In this wasteland though? Only thing I worry 'bout is living.

I guess that's what everyone is after – one more moment of suckin' air. Seen people do some really horrific shit to make it. I've seen women beaten down, men shot in the leg just for his friend to outrun the dead, and even cannibals chewin' on someone's face. Me? I couldn't tell if I'd do it or not, but I can tell ya that at the end of the day I'd rather save a life than take it. Just cause there ain't no rules anymore don't mean that I'm going to turn into one of them Charles Manson freaks. I ain't crazy, just living.

Suppose some people just ain't got that dream that keeps 'em going. Me? Beer and titties. When this is all said an' done, when the zombies meet their maker, I want a bottle of Coors and some big boobies in my face. Anytime I'm fightin', anytime my life is on the line, that's what makes me win. That's what gets me to the next day and puts the other dumbass in the ground. Might not be entirely the most heroic thing out there, but it does me just fine – keeps me alive.
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