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Describe your in-game persona
 #4294  by Nismo
 Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:05 pm
Name: Murphy
Known aliases: Nismo / Shadow
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Special skills: Ranged and CQC training as a US Navy Seal and extensive survival training.


Murphy grew up in Alaska, living in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Being no novice to hard work and conditions that most would not be able to tolerate. At 18 he joined the Navy and became a Navy Seal. At 26 he was involved in an altercation that lead to the stabbing of his commanding officer. He spent the next 8 years in Leavenworth. Upon release through a friend he landed a job hosting a reality show where he would go on a survival adventure in different climates and locations. It was on one such adventure in the mountains of Chernarus that he was abandoned. When his scheduled pick up was missed he continued to use his skills to survive off of the land, his camera crew quickly ran out of their own rations and expected Murphy to provide for them as well. They hiked their way to a village near the coast, upon arriving he noted several people walking around in the road and approached them. The woman looked at him with a blank stare and it was obvious that she had been dead for nearly a week. She lunged at Murphy but he side stepped and landed a solid punch to the back of her neck. As soon as she hit the ground he dropped his booted foot on her head caving her skull in with a sickening crunch. By this time the camera crew was vomiting in revulsion. He dispatched the other walking corpses quickly with his hunting knife. He had grown tired of babysitting the camera crew and when the search of the village turned up little in the way of extra supplies he told them that they were on their own. He suggested that they use the buildings in the village as shelter and dismantle a few to use the materials to build barricades. He told them to attempt to grow crops using the methods he had shown them during the show. After filling his canteen from the well and his bag full of apples he left hiking inland, he would survive, he always did. He was once again using his seal team call sign “Shadow”
Where would this new chapter in his life take him?