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Describe your in-game persona
 #4240  by hpyndlby
 Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:53 pm

Name: Johnathon ******
Known Aliases: Nny
Age: Unknown (Guessed to be in his late twenties to early thirties)
Gender: Male
Special Skills: Murder/Mayhem

Bio: Not much is known about Nny prior to his arrest/inprisonment on Chernaurus' prison island. His parentage, and much of his life before his arrest are a mystery. No one can be sure that 'Johnathon ****** ' is even his real name. What is known is that sometime in his late teens or early twenties he was found living in an abandoned home which appeared to have multiple lower levels which the police still have not fully explored due to dangerous/unsafe conditions. The remains of several victims were found in the house, some only able to be identified by DNA. He is believed to be responsible for a great number of murders prior to his arrest, as well as the murder of 2 police officers during his arrest, and the severe injury of several others. His weapon of choice appears to be knives. (However given the post-apocalyptic world's climate, namely the scarcity of people, it's not as easy to get close to his victims with knives, so nowadays he WILL use guns)

Subsequent to his arrest, 'Nny' as he prefers to be called, (Which is apparently short for Johnny) was subjected to psychological evaluation and questioning. He apparently hears voices, which seem to conflict one another. At least one of which seems to tell him to end his life and thus free himself from what seems to him a lonely and miserable existence. Another urges him to hang on and not give up hope, while still others seem to offer some form of common sense, or at least a distraction from his current train of thought. Nny also appears to believe he serves a purpose, ridding this world of its human 'waste,' and even claims that he cannot truly be killed because of that purpose. He maintains that he did manage to kill himself once, whereupon he woke up in Heaven, where he was told he didn't belong, and was therefore sent to Hell, where he claims Satan told him he didn't belong there and divulged his 'purpose' in the world before sending him back.

All of this information comes from his Chernaurus prison file, which he apparently sought out after his release, yet the only information he took the trouble to cover up/destroy was his last name, for unknown reasons.