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Describe your in-game persona
 #4228  by LimitbreakLou
 Tue Oct 20, 2015 11:53 pm
It is still a work in progress. Enjoy.

The piercing brown almost black eyes peered out from behind the gas mask at the dead shambling by. The mask filtered out the stench of decay, assuming he would have noticed it anyway. The scent of death was far too commonplace nowadays. As the last of the walkers disappeared into the fog, Lou's eyes followed them into the mist, and into the past.

Faces flew past him, along with screams and gunfire. Smoke, blood and fire. Death. Everything this world has become. He forced his mind past the maelstrom of emotions, smells and images; back to when he first came to this shit hole, to Chernarus.

Lou was on assignment as a bodyguard for a wealthy entrepreneur, who was prospecting for oil. They had just landed and settled into a hotel for the night when the reports started coming in. His employer began to panic and ordered Lou to take him back to the airport so they could leave. By the time they got there the airport had already been closed and cordoned off by the military. His employer, he couldn't even remember his name, had ordered Lou to run the roadblock. Lou refused and exited the vehicle, and proceeded to watch as the vehicle and its occupant were torn to shreds by gunfire because his former employer hadn't heeded his warnings. He didn't care about him, he was a dick anyway. Lou melted into the shadows of the forest before they could turn the spotlights and guns on him.

Time accelerated in a heartbeat to the little girl, no more than 9 or 10, Sasha was her name. He had found her in an apartment he had been scavenging, clutching her teddy bear, and rocking back and forth in the corner. She had shied away from him at first... until he opened a can of a spaghetti.When you're that hungry even spam smells good. She inched closer, still looking at his gas mask in fear. Lou sighed and took it off, and the fear melted from her features. They couldn't communicate much but they still enjoyed each others company. In between the hand motions, facial gestures and her limited English...they connected. The first smile in weeks found its way onto his grim features. Suddenly the sound of boots and hushed whispers at the entrance to the apartment stole all joy from the moment. Pure dread returned to Sasha's face as she began to whimper. Lou put a finger to his lips and motioned her towards a closet as he stood up and slid to the side of the door. The doorknob began turning as he slipped the latch closed on the inside of the door. It began to shake more violently as the men on the other side tried to force it. He slid his 1911 from the back of his pants and readied himself. The rattling of the knob stopped and he heard hushed voices go back and forth. He thought he heard one of them exclaim a bit louder that they saw him go in there until the speaker was silenced with a swift admonition. Lou bit his lip and silently cursed himself for not checking his surroundings more carefully before entering the structure. The deafening burst of automatic gunfire nearly made him curse out loud as it tore through the door showering him with splinters. A swift kick from one of the men finished the job and sent the door swinging in slamming Lou up against the wall, but he didn't dare stop its progress. He re situated himself silently as the men entered the room. His pistol came up as the third man entered the room and the first man looked down at the half eaten can of spaghetti and his gas mask lying on the floor. His finger squeezed the trigger once, sending a bullet into the side of the head of the third man sending him in a silent flight to the side. He shifted aim and squeezed the trigger a second time catching the surprised second man in the neck, spraying bright red arterial blood all over the room. The first man had already lifted his weapon and begun turning and squeezing the trigger of his MP5 but the subsequent 4 shots to the torso and gut threw him back and to the floor before he could acquire Lou fully as a target. Lou immediately strode over to him, kicking the MP5 from his hands with one boot and firmly rested his other on the dying mans throat. He was wheezing and losing blood fast but was still a threat. Loathe to expend any more rounds, Lou crushed the mans windpipe with his foot and watched the light fade from his eyes. His eyes darted all over the dead men bodies wondering what they might have in their pockets until they came to rest on the half eaten can of spaghetti. Sasha!!! He started moving towards the closet but stopped when he saw the bullet holes peppering the door and the thin stream of blood leaking out of it. He looked back to the ruined door, down to the ground and picked up his mask. He pulled it over his head and replaced his boonie hat before heading towards the closet. He had to be sure. His hand shook slightly as he opened the door, and as he opened it he saw her, like a little angel, propped in the corner with a shocked look on her face and one bullet perfectly through the heart. The sight of her dead body sent shockwaves through his being. Lou staggered as if shot and fell to one knee. The beginning of a sob started low in his throat and caught there.... To be continued.