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  • Describe your in-game persona
Describe your in-game persona
 #4216  by Justice911
 Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:55 pm

Name: Gabriel Shaw
Known alias: Obit
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Special Skills: Writing, Wise-cracking, Plotting


Gabriel Shaw is a 45 year old, American, science fiction writer. His latest novel, "Orion's Axe" a story about a roadie for an intergalactic super group, won the Nebula Award. Disney had just optioned the movie rights before Gabriel flew to Chernarus. He is twice divorced and the one positive he takes from the apocalypse is that his ex-wives are likely no longer around to enjoy their alimony checks. Until recently - if asked - he would have told you the hardest thing he had ever done was achieve sobriety. His ex-wives aside, the person he hates most in this world is his agent Sid Rosenblatt. It was at Sid's urging that Gabriel found himself in Chernarus for the end of the world. If you should come across Shaw foraging for supplies you may hear him muttering his mantra, "Chernaruscon - he said. Sign some autographs - he said. See the world - he said. Easy money - he said."

While Shaw is most comfortable as an observer - recent events have caused him to rethink his strategy where it concerns dealing with other survivors. He is quick to point out that the old myth is true - in the end, it was the cockroaches that survived. Deeply self loathing, Shaw takes every day as a feat of endurance - and when the time comes to cash em in - he'll be fine with it.