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Describe your in-game persona
 #4207  by rojo00001
 Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:00 am
Name: Naints
Known alias: The Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm. (Formerly known as "Red")
Age: 1,005
Gender: Male
Special Skills: Time Travel,

Bio: Not much is known about Naints. He believes that he is from the future where he led a rebellion against a race of lizard people called the Badoon. In his mind, he was captured, drugged, and sent back in time by the Badoon to do their bidding. He broke free from their control not long after waking up on a beach in Chernarus. In reality, Naints has serious mental problems. Once described as "bat shit crazy" by his psychiatrist Dr. Kieth Octogon. Naints was diagnosed as schizophrenic sometime in his early 20's. Naints used to go by the name of "Red", that is until a voice told him that he is no longer worthy of that name. He then adapted the moniker of Naints, because in his own words "It sounds cool" . Naints has now been wandering the lands of Chernarus , eating canned foods, collecting weapons, and hanging out in the woods. He feels that he is the last person on Earth now . Due to the fact that he has not ran into another living soul in months. He has seen evidence of people , and read notes of a community that is starting up on the North East Side of Chernarus. Word has it that he is making his way toward this so called "Community"
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