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Describe your in-game persona
 #6897  by Zodiac
 Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:57 pm

Name: Anthony {No known last name]
Known alias: The Zodiac
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Special Skills: Hunting, Tactician, Bushcraft


A stranger was met by a few only recognized as 'The Zodiac' and only his first name had been disclosed as Anthony. He shows special forces tactics and utilizes medical treatment of which is taught by the Ranger school. Although initial interaction seems hostile he does not act without moral guidance. Many have reported symptoms of nausea and fatigue for a few days shortly after sharing a meal, we stress DO NOT eat his offerings. Anthony has also shown signs of neurological instability, showing happiness one moment then anger and back to humorous. What we fear most is that he may have contracted 'kuru' a neuro degenerative disorder that is only contracted from the consuming of human flesh. Many claim that he insist on bagging non-zombified corpses so that he can 'bury' the dead.

Finally it is urged if you do come across a man with the name Zodiac to avoid contact, although he is not immediately hostile, and shows a pattern of vigilantism he is unpredictable. Only god knows what you'd be eating when you share IT'S meal.
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