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Describe your in-game persona
 #6850  by ZoeyCampell
 Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:07 am
[i dont own this pic. Its from an artist "called" kassyfox]

General Information:
[this part is kinda an update of my old intruduce topic]
Name: Zoey Campell
Known Alias: ---
Special Skills: Good with animals.
Previous Careers: Veterinary assistant (internship).
Education: Well.. was up to 2 years of veterinary college before the disaster.
Born in: Somewhere in < Curitiba < Parana < Brazil. Moved to the area for familly reasons.

Overall: Uh.... pale skin and freckles all over the face.
Height: 5'6 (169 cms).
Hair: Short (anyone can pull it, grr) and dark hazel.
Eyes: Brown.
Shoesize: 37 (BRAZIL), 8,5 (USA) -> I guess.

Fav. Book: Uh.. None in special, but have preference for horror//thriller books.
Fav. Colour: Hm... White I guess.
Fav. Music: Like a little of everything.
Fav. song: Musk Ox - Part 5 - Serenade The Constellations (its a beatiful instrumental song).

WAIT! First of all: This girl is a social weirdo. She doesnt have any idea how to interact with her own specie. Her only friend was an old cat called Luci (who became zombie food). Socials interactions are her true weakness.

Okay, now we can continue: Even while living here for years Zoey always considered herself as a tourist (she never felt adapted to the region). And actually that girl dont speak russian very well [and even english]. So thats what we have: A brazilian girl who really dont speak any usefull language very well(thats really sad when it involves interaction) and who actually a very lost person. Hmm.. Im not sure if im using the right words to explain it...

*cof* lets focus

She lost everyone and everything (in fact, who didnt?). Theres nothing special to say about this creature. She is just trying to survive in this dommed world as everyone, and even with this terrible english and rotten social skills shes trying to make some friends.

its time to write some final words... guh..

Hm.. Zoey shows no preference for places.. She likes to stay alone in the forest sometimes, but this does not extinguish her presence in towns.