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Tell your day-to-day stories here
 #4443  by Spicoli
 Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:49 pm
It's been a while.. The feeling, depression, the anxiety. The wonder if something different could have happened.

It all started on my friends Sail boat, at sea for a few days when our captain started acting strange. Sitting in the mess hall not making sense. Looking ill, discolored, and sweating profusely. Our crew helped him out as much as possible but we didn't have a doctor so we put him to bed. My friend Mike was piloting the boat as best he could through the evening heading to our dream spot to catch some epic waves. It's all we talked about all summer. I said goodnight and threw him a hang loose sign before departing topside to hit the rack.

Waking, heart pounding, screams.. I didn't know what to do so I ran where the commotion was taking place. there it was. Our captain taking a bite out of my buddy mikes arm. He looked up to me, not himself and then it came. The screech I would never forget. Our captain came running at me with death in his eye's. All I could do is run. I ran around the boat looking for any escape from him but panic had set in. I flipped over the back rail of the boat and, then nothing. Darkness.

I awoke to cold and rain. No more motion, bouncing or swaying. I looked around and could see trees, sand and houses. Our ship had run aground and luckily I landed in our small dingy that was on the aft of the ship. I must have gotten knocked out. I have no idea where I'm at but it's cold here. What happened to my friends, Mike, Jenna, Steph and Jason. I looked in the boat but there was no sign of them. Only the remains of spattered blood on the walls and floors. I took what I could and now I will go look for help.

Journal Entry 1
It's been 2 days and there is no sign of anyone out here. I don't know what going on but no cars, power, nothing. All of the houses are empty but give me a chilling feeling. They all looked like the boat. Blood everywhere. I found a knife and made a fishing pole. I'm going to head west. I see a larger town over in the distance. There has to be someone there.

Journal Entry 2
HOLY SHIT......... I cannot believe that I'm alive. there are more of those things.. those things like my old captain. Screeching chasing. I think they wanted to eat me. I barely made it out. The large town was full of them. I don't even know what to call the town. I can't understand the road signs. Where the hell am I. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! WHERE IS EVERYONE!!!

Journal Entry 3
i cannot believe it. My old buddy Brandon. Sorry journal it's been a few days but I'm in disbelief. I found an old buddy that I worked with at a prison many years ago. We set up camp in the Hills up North. Getting antiquated and surviving. We have gone out a few times to gather supplies. It seems the entire world is like this right now. Well it's time to survive. Hope I will be around long enough to make another entry.

Journal Entry 4
I went out by myself today to look for some supplies. I found three people lurking around some ruins. I was scared to approach but I suppressed my thoughts and did. Turns out these guy's are pretty cool. I still don't fully trust them but they seem to have the same thing on mind, Survive. We ended up setting camp in the forest and getting to know each other. Hopefully this is a sign that humanity is still around.

Journal Entry 5
So Ken, David, Jared and I set up a camp here in the woods near town. We have scavenged many supplies and it seems to be a start to some type of civilization. I'm gonna introduce Brandon to them soon. Maybe this is a start to some type of new aged colony. Who knows what this world is going to bring us.

Journal Entry 6
Well now we know we are not alone. We were under attack today. I was just about to chop some wood for a good ole cookout when BAM! I got knocked unconscious. I was able to awake a few times and gain some distance but David was able to take out one of the attackers. Who are these people. We were only minding our own business when this happened. I guess the world has changed. Survival is first to others and they don't value human life. I barely escaped with my life today. How much longer can we do this?