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Tell your day-to-day stories here
 #4439  by rexarious
 Thu Jan 14, 2016 2:41 am
Well, I've been officially in this nightmare for a week. You know I should have figured the pay for this construction job was too good to be true. That's right I worked construction over in the states. The company I worked for signed a contract with some guys who spoke very broken English. The job was to build this new factory right near this town called Orlevets.
Let me tell you something, the culture shock coming from my little slice of dirt in Redding, California, to here, was like dropping a rich kid into Compton with 200 dollars in his pocket. Let's just say it felt like a third world country. Everything was different from the cars, food, houses, and the women. Hey I'm single father with a kid back home. I enjoy chasing a little tail here and there. The women here are way different, much skinnier. I would say it's probably the lack of smothering everything in grease and sauces like back home. Oh man I could go all day on just the differences and the different ladies I've meet.
So how this all started was at the job site. I was moving a large sheet of plywood close to the edge. Some wind came threw and I flew off the roof to the ground. I hit my head really hard and went into a small coma. Long story short I woke up and here I am. The odd thing is it is kind of like that show I used to watch before this called The Walking Dead also slightly ironic my name is Rick.
In my first week I went from Cherno hospital and. found some gear. Went to the prison island. It was a cool place but too dark and dismal for me. Not to mention that long swim sucks. From there I went up to Polana Military base were I had my first real tussle with zombies. I got a nice gorka jacket from a barrack. From there I headed to zelenogorsk. Zeleno was a breeze only a few zombies. After Zeleno I decided to head to Green Mountain.
Green Mountain was interesting to say the least. It looked like a trading post. I looked around and found a place to take a nap. I woke up and walked back into the compound where I was meet with a gun to my face and two guys saying "put your hands up now." Many bricks were shat at that moment. Hands up in the air I did as they asked. They handcuffed me and threw me in the military jail cell. Another man came along and they tried capturing him. He ran and was shot and killed. Some words were said and they lead me in the woods. I was let go and for my troubles I was givin a barrel. In the end the two guys turned out okay. They went by the name casino and spectre. I just thank them for letting me live.
From then on I've mad a base camp and just building up supplies to start trading. That's it for now my hand is tired from scribbling this down in the few pieces of paper I have...

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