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 #4423  by DirtyBird1998
 Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:42 pm
Hi welcome to the diary post of David Howard, so I started doing this with my best bud Ken Howard(in game name) now If your interested in the story don't read this until you have read the Ken Howard: Diary Post #6(Link to his story Diary post #1 to get started: viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2155 ) You can check out his stories by looking at his profile and then forum posts (Link: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile) otherwise their will be *SPOILERS* alright enjoy

3 nights ago our friend Sean left in the middle of the night. We don't know why, but Ken and I were determined to track him down. We started to look through his house, empty even his books that he liked to read. So we left our home in Berezichi and made I our way to Svetlojarsk where we found bodies leading to the police station. God, I almost forgot how cruel the outside world is, how comfortable I got to the safe haven back at home. It made me sick to my stomach of how bad i went soft. We followed his trail through the armed checkpoint between Ryfy and Svetlojarsk untill we found his book in shreds, Ken thinks he used for rags or a fire even. We followed his trail till it ended in a small house with barns around it in the outskirts of Berezino. Ken decided to call it a night and we camped in the house we locked the doors lit a fire and took turns sleeping. I let Ken sleep because I couldn't sleep, I never could sleep in the wild, out of control Apocalypse. 2nd day we trailed Sean back to the Berezino high school but then i saw something down my hunting scope, light, so we moved in, Ken told me to stay here while he Approaches them so i grabbed some cover I could almost hear them talking but sweating so badly because I'm worried what if he is in trouble what if they steal from him and I cant be the sniper he needs me to be.But everything was ok. Kenny followed them to their camping spot so i followed to back at the camping site Ken gave me a thumbs up in all directions, It was funny because he had to do it in a 360 motion, even he didn't know where I was. When I got closer the 2 guys got spooked over my skull balaclava. We offered them a place at our community but they up and left before we woke up, took their sleeping tent. We continued our hunt for Sean We found his rags blood and walkers in the forest of Berezino. We moved in closer to the blood trail. It turned night fast as we are sprinting, calling his name out. We found him on the beach of Berezino, by the road near Ryfy. I guess he just wanted to watch the sunrise one more time. But never got too, he already turned. Ken then shot him and we then examined what killed him. He was shot then bit. we will find the bastard that did this. And that day I made a promise to myself if I ever find his Cousin Oliver Tate. He will get to know how his cousin died looking for him. That's what Ken thinks at least. For the rest of the night we waited and sat on the beach for the sun to come out. We survived one more day and one more night. Sean couldn't survive one more night. But Kn and I will. We are brothers, Our love will get us through the harsh years to come. Then the sun came out, It was so beautiful. The sunrise was a signal to all that was living. You just survived the night.