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Tell your day-to-day stories here
 #4421  by DirtyBird1998
 Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:27 pm
When I was little my family lived in Sevet on an island not far from Chernarus 2 years before the Destruction and these monsters we moved to live here in downtown Chernarus. My brother was a Police officer, My father retired long ago but wanted to move to a more isolated place then Svet. Then one Day it happened, everything started to fall apart, it's been a while but the only thing I remember my brother walking out the door and never coming back. he told me to stay in the apartments and I did. Even my father went with him. But never came back. I just remember hiding for a few months overlooking the city. Ive heard gunshots, screams, growling on the streets and outside the door. Then one day I ran out of food, so I finally left and never came back. Now I have been living on my own. I've learned how to handle a gun, hunt, but I haven't seen anyone yet. I wonder if I'm all alone, I decided to head to Dad's old cabin, it should be safe. but it will take a while. I just got to avoid the city and everywhere else, those things.. are everywhere. they could be behind you or around you at any point. Just got to stay alive for one more day. just one more day. Maybe there's hope for me yet.