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Tell your day-to-day stories here
 #4413  by DirtyBird1994
 Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:42 pm
Well.... Turns out out that somewhere along the way David started taking medication to help cope with the world poor kid, He doesn't know what this stuff can do to him....I found it in his bag when he went of to us the restroom when he came back i confronted him on the matter,The drug had him wrapped around its finger ...David....My brother ....Raised his gun on me over pills i already forgive him it was the effects of the drugs that sent him mad... but now that i have destroyed the pills David will begin his Withdraw stages.....And that's what i experienced that i woke up david wasnt near the campfire ,i looked around and called out to him, as i walked to the opening in the woods outside electro i saw him there knelling down with his gun pointed at his head......I told him that things would get better and that i need him in this life, This life is worth fighting for little brother never give up hope...I talked him down and he seems Alot better now he no longer hides behind the bandanna he would wear and hes starting to recall memories of our childhood...good memories....The effects of the drug has wore off and i believe i have my brother back, So in celebration i took David into town to the local pub and got him his first Tall glass of beer " Thank god the taps still worked" It was great haveing that moment with my brother again see him smile...I dont see that very often, For a moment i felt at peace and kind of lost myself in that moment just me and him sharing a cold one....hopefully that will be a good memory that will stick around for a long time

Its the little things in the world that we fight for....That one more sip of a Drink...That one more laugh with your brother...That one more sunset .....Even tho the world has gone bad,there's still beauty in just have to know where to look